Restaurant Reception - March 2014 wedding

I'm thinking that I would like to have my reception at a restaurant instead of a function hall. Does anyone know of any restaurants that can have a private function for 80-100 people in the Boston area?! I'm not too picky - I just want a fun celebration with good food! Thanks!

Re: Restaurant Reception - March 2014 wedding

  • I would recommend looking at
    Some of the places on the site are wrong but it gives you a start.

    On the outside of boston is Lake Pearl Luciano's in Wrentham which is a resturant during the week and sunday brunch.  I was a wedding planner for years and had a lot of wedding receptions there. 

    Not sure if you have a DJ already but if you are looking for a FUN DJ to help you celebrate I fully recommend DJ MaShane I recommend him to everyone looking for a good price and a fun wedding.  I used him at my own wedding a few years ago.

    Good Luck
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