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Dominican Republic versus Cancun

My future hubby and I are debating all inclusives in the Dominican Republic and Cancun.  We've both been to Cancun so prefer DR, but are unsure of what DR is like.  We have heard many say that Jamaica is overcrowded with people selling drugs and begging.  Anyone know if this is experienced in DR at a similar level?  I know in Cancun at all inclusives that rarely happens.

Thanks! :)

Re: Dominican Republic versus Cancun

  • We went to an all inclusive in PuntaCana, DR on spring break in college.  There were a lot of older people there (it wasn't the spring break hot spot that Cancun is), and we found that a lot of them were European.  We experienced no issues with begging, drug selling, etc. etc., but then we never left the all-inclusive resort, not even for a skinny minute.  Everything outside the resort (as I gathered from our drive in) was very poverty-stricken and it didn't look like there was much else out there.  We had a good time in our all-inclusive though, and felt safe the whole time.
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  • My FI and I stayed at Iberostar in PuntaCana two years ago. It was very nice there. There were not people begging or trying to sell drugs. We stayed on the resort except for excursions through the hotel. We did zip lining which was really fun. I liked it there a lot. We went in July and it was REALLY hot...not sure what time of year you are planning on going though.
  • I've stayed at an AI in the DR twice. As pp said we did not experience any drug selling or begging on the beach but there was people asking to do our hair or sell a few souvenirs. Outside of the resort is a different story. It is very poverty stricken and if you go to some of the markets they will try and sell you everything. We did horseback riding on the beach and an ATV tour. Both times local children did come up to us and beg. If you are looking for a relaxing time then you will enjoy DR. I have to agree it is definitely not a spring break location or spot if you are looking to go out on the town and have a fun night out.
  • comparing the areas directly outside of the resorts in pnta cana and cancun is like comparing the south bronx to park ave. totally differernt areas with totally different economic levels. go a bit further from the hotel zone and you'll see that many areas of mexico are very very poor as well.
    i haven't had issues with beggars or drugs in mexico or PC.


  • We stayed in PuntaCana and the beaches are gorgeous! No begging (have been through that in Jamaica). We never left the resort in DR, they had everything there. Also some resorts have relationships to connecting resorts, so that you can dine at additional places.

    If you are looking for an all-inclusive and want someplace where the surrounding area is nice and safe, have you looked into Aruba?
  •  I love them both but between the two I would pick Cancun because there are more "off resort grounds" options for nightlife and shopping. Both have lovely beaches and are just wonderful options though so I'm sure you'll enjoy which ever once you choose.
  • Thank you to everyone for your posts, they have been very helpful!  We are going to book in the DR - and very excited to experience it for the first time.  Thanks everyone!
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