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April 2013 Weddings

Need Help

Can you ladies tell me the run down of things.
The guests will arrive and be seated for the ceremony, then they will go off to drinks and appetizers while we take some pictures.
Then what???We come in and do our dance? Or do I dance with my dad? Or what?
Do we dance then have dinner then I dance with my dad? And we all dance and drink then?
Told you-- I am confused now. Help!

Re: Need Help

  • Ha - no worries!  There really isn't a right or wrong way - anymore, anything goes so if you have a preference do that!

    Commonly when the wedding party arrives, the DJ will announce the bridal party as they come into the reception.  Usually there is dinner, and toasts either before or after.  Cake cutting after dinner. Then dancing - often bride & groom, bride & father then groom & mom. Events like bouquet toss and garter toss usually follow after the formal dances. 

    - its not uncommon for the bride and groom to be announced and dance 1st thing (I actually really like this)
    - its not uncommon for cake to get cut after the bridal party is announced before dinner so that the staff can cut and serve the cake upon the conclusion of the meal
    - Some people do a wedding party dance after the bride & groom first dance

    So again, its kind of up to you and what you want to do! 
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  • I was just wondering this stuff too! Does the bride and groom dance come first, or father/daughter? Is there a traditional way?
  • We are having the bridal party announced, then our first dance. After that we are having dinner. After dinner will be the father/daughter, mother/daughter (we decided to do this because I'm super close with my mom and we are always dancing togehter), and mother/son dance. After those dances we are having a "Memory Dance". The DJ is playing "Wind Beneath My Wings" in honor of our loved ones who passed away but are always with us in spirit. No one will be allowed on the dance floor. After that the dance floor will be opened, probably with the Hora (no Jewish wedding is complete without it). Then a little later we will do the cake cutting.
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    We are going to have the bridal party introduced, and after we are introduced go right into our first dance. After our dance we will sit down and the speeches will occur then dinner. Traditionally father/daughter...mother/son dances occur after dinner.  Same thing with cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss.

    FIs and I situation is different...FIs mom and my dad are no longer here. We are still going back and fourth with these dances. We may not do them at all. If we do them we are probably just get them done after our dance. We are also going to have our dj edit the song and make short and sweet.  We don't want to bring the celebration down after dinner with a sad moment of me dancing with my brother/mom and FI dancing with his aunt.
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  • Christine-could you switch it up and dance with your FFIL and your FI dance with your mom?  Instead of bringing the celebration down, it might enhance the fact that you're truly joining two families.  Not sure if this would be uncomfortable or not, just thought I'd bring it up :-).

    My sister didn't have any music/dancing/alcohol at her wedding.  Not even the father/daughter, mother/son dances.  That being said, it took my dad and I a little while to come up with songs to dance to.  I think the last time we danced was when I was small enough to stand on his shoes.  I moved out when I was 18 and never moved back and my family's not particularly huggy-lovey-dovey like FI's family is so yea, it might be a little awkward, just b/c it's not something we really do, haha.

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  • We actually went to B&N to check books about this yesterday - and the ALL seem to disagree. So we're going to ask our DJ when we meet with him Saturday and kind of wing it from there. Our current thinking is this:

    Guests find their seats - our appetizer, a fruit salad, will be preset so they can start munching
    Introduce parents, bridal party, us (parents and bridal party find their seats so they, too, can munch)
    Our first dance
    Father/daughter dance
    Mother/son dance
    Go sit and say grace (if our priest comes to the reception)
    Salad is served
    Finish salad, as dinner is passed out, toasts
    Finish dinner and PARTY
    Cake cutting at about an hour out from the end, before the viennese hour opens
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  • We are doing:
    Cocktail Hour/Pictures
    Bride and Groom Enterance/Intro
    B&G First Dance
    Father - Daughter Dance
    Groom - Mother Dance
    Cake Cutting
    Flower/Garter Toss
    Last Dance
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  • You ladies are awesome. Thanks so much for all the input!
    I love the idea of cutting our song a little short. For some reason, I lay awake at night worried about everyone standing about focusing on me dancing. I'm not really a dancer. I can't wait to breathe a huge sigh of relief after this part is over!
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