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Bridal shower advice questions

I am throwing a come and go shower for my sister. I don't want the guests to feel like we're just having them to stop by to drop off a gift, I want people to have a good time and enjoy the interaction. I'm making a pre-wedding and wedding day scrapbook for my sister, so I'm going to have a page for each guest. I've asked the guests to bring a copy of their favorite recipe and I'm planning on taking a photo of my sister with each guest that comes. I'm going to put the picture and the recipe on the page, and I also want to have them answer a couple questions for my sister. I was thinking about making four sets of four questions, I'd like to have one set be funnier questions, one set be for single women, one set for married women and one for women who are in a relationship. I've thought of a couple questions, but I'd love some insight on this!!

So far I have:

-What is the most important lesson you've learned in a relationship?
-What occastion is the recipe you brought best served for?
-What is your funniest relationship story?
-What is one of your best household cleaning tips?
-What is one of your best money saving tips?

Any questions that you think would be fun or interesting to answer would be so appreciated. Thank you sooooo much for your help with this!

Re: Bridal shower advice questions

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    What is a 'come and go' shower?  I've never heard of that.
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    I think it's where people come and stay and mingle for a bit and then leave...not set up with an itinerary like first we eat, then we play games, then we open gifts, etc.
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    It's an open house, maybe?
    What happens with the gifts?
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    Yes, it's just like an open house. She is going to open the gifts as the guests bring them and display them on a table. We've had a lot of guests that have commented on hating the game playing and the four hour long deal, so we've found that this is a popular option. I think that this will be a nice replacement for the game playing. Any suggestions for the questions?
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    I like the idea of a "come and go" shower.  I don't have any question have some good ones, but I was curious as to how you planned on using them.  Are you going to give each guest a set of 4 questions based on their relationship status?  Maybe you could just have a list of suggested questions and each guest can just answer/write what they want...?  
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    I was thinking about having them printed up on sheets of paper and guests can choose which ones they want to answer. I'm not going to be assigning questions to them or anything, but I wanted to have a variety that everyone would be comofortable and have fun answering.
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    What is your favorite memory of the bride and/or groom?
    What do you think attracted the bride to the groom?
    What do you think attracted the groom to the bride?
    How did you know your husband was "the one"?
    What is the best advice you can give for a healthy, happy marriage?
    How do you keep the spark in your marriage/relationship?
    What is one trait every good wife should have?

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    I love all of your ideas.  Have a great time.
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