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June 2013 Weddings


I don't know about you ladies, but this weekend was super busy with planning.

We are changing our colors (again.) As much as we both love the Peacock color and it'd be amazing to have the same colors that my grandma did for her wedding...we can't find ANYTHING! So today I'm deciding between a navy blue or a lighter blue. The champagne color is staying and is still our primary color. The blue is just an accent. Grandma was the one that brought it up and I'm so glad she did.

So we had a tasting yesterday and sat down to find out how much it'll cost us to do cakes as centerpieces as well as our 2-tier wedding cake. The cakes will be super plain, I don't like a lot of detailing on them. White cakes with little buttercream dots all over and a satin ribbon in our blue color along the bottom. 18 centerpieces and our 2-tier cake and all we have to pay is $40! Our cake budget in the wedding package takes care of the rest!! (I almost hugged the man I was so excited.) Our flavors will be cherry chip, Chocolate Ho-Ho and a seasonal summer cake they make with white cake, strawberry filling and then a layer of freshly chopped strawberries. It sounded so light and delicious! 

Shoes: I found my shoes! Both my ceremony shoes and my flats for once the dancing starts. There were NOTHING like I thought I'd get. In fact when I was shown them, I started laughing. As soon as I put them on I knew they were perfect. I felt like a bride. It was nothing like I'd ever buy for a night out on the town. I didn't want to get something that I would have worn to a club. And I have never ever worn a pair of ballerina flats, but they are a gold shade and so comfy. 

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Re: Updates!

  • Lot farther than me. But we had to change our date again too.

  • My grandma and aunt were determined to make the most of our wedding planning day. The guys were out hunting and I forgot just how much they like to shop. I have blisters and I slept less than 4 hours last night so I'm barely able to function today. I'm excited about changing the colors though-I was starting to dislike the peacock.

    And hopefully this is the last time you have to change your date! I hope your venues start cooperating with you. I know it has to be frustrating to get attached to one date and have to change it to another. 
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  • I should have my officient booked in the next couple days and am norrowing down my florist choices down to 3 and will start scheduling consults.
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  • My next task is to consult with my florist but the issue is timing.  My dad has generously offered to pay for the flowers but the florist lives up by him (about 45 mins away, not really a big deal) but the problem is she is only open until 6 on weekdays, which is not possible in traffic for me.  And on weekends, shes closed on Sundays and only open until 4 on saturdays, but my dad works until 5 on saturdays.  Unless my dad is off on a saturday, I really can not see us actually being able to meet with the florist.  With his work, even during weekdays he regularly has to work beyond 5pm anyway so we couldn't even count on that time either even if I could get off work early.

    Just kind of frustrated, but I also don't really know the lady at all (his friend) so I don't want to go by myself, I have nothing in common with her to talk about and I wouldn't be able to negotiate pricing without him there either.

    Klyn, way to go on all those updates!  I changed my colors too based on feasibility of finding the color.  I was originally going to do a sage green but I couldn't find bridesmaid dresses that were affordable in the right color.  I felt like that would only be the tip of the iceberg, so i switched my primary color to navy blue.
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  • We decided on same date different ceremony site. :) feel much better. Talked with my moh and made me happy.

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