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How much to tip this lady?

I'm struggling to figure out how much to tip a certain person.  She is the Floral Department manager at the store I am getting my cake and flowers from.  I wasn't thinking about tipping her before because she is a manager but she is delivering both the cake and flowers so I want to give her something.  What do you ladies think?

Re: How much to tip this lady?

  • Is a delivery charge part of the cost of your order.

    Honestly I wouldn't tip her anything if you are being charged for delivery but that's me. If you want to give her something I think $20 would be fine.
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  • I've read $5-10 is appropriate for delivery people's tips.  A delivery charge in your order is probably more to cover the gas and mileage on the vehicle as well as the liability of transporting the cake and flowers (if you pick up your cake and it tips over you are responsible...when they deliver they would be responsible God forbid something like that happens).
  • Thanks ladies!! And yes I paid a delivery charge so I'll give her a little something extra just for her instead of a huge tip!
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