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I hate ripping on a local bridal shop, but yesterday I went with three of my bridesmaids to pick out BM dresses. We had an appointment, but our level of service was just not that great. Three of the salespeople were standing around admiring a bride, talking about some stupid glitter hair extensions they had put in. WE pulled all our own dresses and chose them without hardly consulting any of the staff. I expected a lot more. We will most likely end up ordering our dresses from there, but that's because they carry a brand that we need. I will not be making an appointment to try on bridal gowns there. Has anybody else had a similar experience to mine?

Re: Schaffer's

  • medusia00medusia00 member
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    That stinks, I'm sorry for the bad service. There are a lot of girls around here that have had the same experience.

    Off to the next place, I'm sure you'll find something better, with great service!
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    I had a good experience with Schaffer's, but I did not purchase my dress there.  I actually got my dress ordered at Stacey's Bridal in Urbandale.  They were great to work with, and I had a blast!
  • Zippy88kZippy88k member
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    I had a really good experience with Schaffer's--actually, several. I got my dress there, bridesmaids dresses, and tuxes, and I was always impressed with the level of service. Lyssa was my consultant, and she always works with me when I go in.
  • ToBeMrs2011ToBeMrs2011 member
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    I hate to say it, but I think that most bridal shops tend to be a little more lax with their service when the appointment is for anything other than a bridal gown.  I think it's crap.  
    Although I did have very good luck at Weddings By Design in West Des Moines.  I did buy my gown there....but on a separate appointment went with my MOH to look at BM dresses, they were fantastic!  

    I hope you have better luck elsewhere for your bridal gown! 
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  • dsmtravelgal4dsmtravelgal4 member
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    I had a fabulous experience at Schaffers!  I hate to hear it when others don't - that really stinks.  I ordered my dress there and returned a few weeks ago for the BM dresses and had great service.  We'll be making an appointment to go back for the tuxes as well.  I worked with Ali every time and she is SO great. 
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    I also had Ali and loved her!!! Did you go on a Saturday? Because I went on a Saturday once during a fitting and they are harder to work with only because there are so many people there. Ali was great though. She is very honest and real.
  • kdyer09kdyer09 member
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    I also had Ali and she was fabulous.

    You do get a different type of service depending on when you go in.  Saturdays are the worst, of course.  

    I loved my experience at Schaffer's, so don't rule them out yet!  Maybe schedule an appointment on a Tuesday or something.
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    I have always had wonderful service at Schaffers. I bought my gown there. I started looking for one 14 months before our wedding. I had one picked out, but about 7 months before the wedding when it was time to order, I went back in twice and tried on some more dresses, and ended up with another one! I also had bridesmaids try on dresses there, even though we ended up getting them at a different store. My alterations were perfect...it was all good!

    Now my niece is in the process of finding a gown. We went to Bridal Designs last Saturday, and I wasn't impressed with their service. It was like she wasn't listening to what Amanda really wanted. Granted it was Saturday, and maybe its different on a less busy day. We're going to Schaffers this week.

    Don't rule Schaffers out yet.
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    I went to several different shops in the area when I was shopping for my dress and no one even came close to the level of service I received at Schaffer's.  When I bought my dress I worked with an consultant named Libby who no longer works there but when we went back to look at bridesmaid dresses (which we also bought there) we worked with Ali and she was great! 
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