What have you given up?

For the sake of wedding planning Im sure all of us have had to give up something, what are you most looking forward to getting back after the wedding?

For me its going out. I havent been to the movies, or a bar, or even bowling in over a year. & our idea of eating out has turned into ordering pizza. I cant wait to get a drink, have a real dinner out, & go dancing again!
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Re: What have you given up?

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    Our apartment! FI and I are trying to save for a house, so in February we moved in with my parents. It's been going very well, but I cannot wait to start house hunting once the wedding is over. I guess we didn't give up the apartment FOR the wedding, but if we didn't have to spend money on it or wait until it's over we could be house hunting now.

    PIzza and drinks sounds pretty good right now!
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    We've given up just about everything that we normally spend our "extra" money on. Going out has gone away along with new clothes or shoes or new anything. We also just moved into a new house and I keep having urges to go buy new stuff to decorate and I have to stop myself and say no, save the money for the wedding! haha
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    Same as Min Min. 

    I have a month from today and we move in with my future in-laws (at least they are giving us a whole level to ourselves).  We've been house huning for almost 3 months now and after seeing what I can get for the same amount as renting, I ask myself why we didn't buy a house sooner.  So we figured we would move in with the rents to save the money for the wedding and house while we continue the hunt.

    I sure am going to miss my quiet thursdays to myself...   :(
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    a new vehicle, cable tv, and my credit card. :(
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    I haven't given up anything. The parts of the wedding that tend to cost the most I have managed to have done as wedding gifts, my future father in law is doing the photography, a girl from work is doing the catering, future cousins are doing the cake, I rented an in expensive hall with a cash bar. For bridal shower gifts I have requested the plates, cups, napkins, and silverware. Since i am not in need of any cooking appliances or dishes I figure what could be better than getting the things I need for the wedding at the bridal shower. 
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