Venue Help, Manchester Country Club?

Hello again ladies,
I feel so clueless with my venue search. I am having the hardest time trying to find somewhere that I can have a Saturday evening wedding in June with 75-100 guests. Everywhere I look has much larger minimum numbers, but I can't do Friday or Sunday since 95% of our guests will be traveling from out of state. Also, I have to get married in June because it is the only month that will work my schedule.
After contacting around 30-40 venues I have only 1 that has what I need, Manchester Country Club. I have been there and I had a good feeling about it. I have family in Manchester and they have been to brunch there and said the food was great, but I am wondering if anyone has been to an evening event there and how the food was?
TIA! I don't know anyone who has gotten married in CT in the past 20 years so I have no where else to turn for advice, I am so glad that the knot exists!
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Re: Venue Help, Manchester Country Club?

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    I haven't been to an event there at night but I do work in Manchester and can ask on Tuesday because many of the women I work with also grew up there and still live there! So, I will get back to you in a few days! Also, have you tried Adam's Mill OR Mill on the river?? I know they both do functions with that number of people! HTH
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    Thanks so much! I am trying to have the ceremony and reception all in one place so I am not sure about Adam's Mill for that. I know I was looing at Mill on the River at one point, but I crossed it off my list for some reason or another. If the country club doesn't work out I will have to look at it again.
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    I'd say if you have a good feeling, than you should go with your gut instinct.
    One question... does it have to be Manchester?
    If so, I can't offer any other suggestions other than the one's mentioned.
    Good luck!
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    Manchester Country Club is fantastic! My best friend got married there a few years ago and the food and cake is delicious. The banquet manager was amazing and so helpful. We had such a good time we ended up booking my dad's retirement party there. I would definitely check them out - they are a great place with good tasting food and very helpful staff.
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    If it doesn't have to be Manchester I would recommend checking out Crystal Peak.. Its amazing!! John and Jennifer own it and run the place and I feel like because of that they put that little bit extra into everything because it is their business. I am having a budget wedding smaller size, 90- 115 people.. but they do weddings of that size and their prices cant be beat ($70 a person with taxes and grats) for open bar 5.5 hours and an amazing package of food! 10 types of unlimited hand passed apps etc.. We are having our ceremony and reception at the same place as well. And getting married on a Saturday.. The pictures on the website do not do it justice. As soon as I drove up I felt like I was at a Castle. They have a beautiful waterfall and pond area you walk past to get to the garden area where the ceremony site is. Its beautiful! I'm counting down the days! Good Luck! Dont get frustrated! Their is that perfect place for everyone! The other one was just not meant to be and just be happy that he didnt get a penny of your money!! ;)
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    Thanks everyone!
     I really did feel good about the country club, and I am glad to hear that people have had good experiences there. Now I just hope they still have Saturdays open for next June, if not I will have to look into some of the other venues everyone has mentioned.
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    Hey k3MySailor I'm also planning on looking at the country club we can't decide on a venue its so hard and prices can hurt a little bc we are paying for it. I hope it works for you kmp.
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    we visited Manchester Country Club when we were looking for a venue, it was nice! I saw photos online of a couple who had their ceremony under one of the big oak trees in back by the water, they were so pretty! i think the only thing that threw us off was that there will still probably be country club members in the restaurant/on the grounds, and i wanted an outdoor cocktail hour on the patio (which they couldn't really do, since it's still open to the club members) i haven't had the food either, but it's a pretty place! if you have a good feeling about it, definitely see if they have your date available and check it out! (they didn't seem to booking up super fast when we talked to them) good luck :)
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    So my hubby has grown up in Manchester for his entire life. I asked what he thought and he said it's simple and tasteful. (he has worked for multiple wedding venues) He said the food is your standard wedding food and forgettable, but not bad.  He said all of the weddings he has been to there are the same. You get married in a gazebo, you have cocktail hour in the bar area, and then reception in a venue that's removed from the golf area.  I don't know if that helps, but I figured since he's sitting on the other end of the couch so I would ask :)
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    I know this is not in the same location, but a co-worker got married at the Crystal Room in Naugatuak, entire thing soup to nuts was $15,000 including a honeymoon in Hawaii.
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    We had my sisters baby shower there bc she lived in Manchester and it was convenient for everyone.  Lee who is the banquet manager was great to work with!  She was very nice and helpful and always available to answer my questions.  The food wasn't anything special but it was good.  We brought our own cake but they paired it with ice cream when they served it which we didn't ask for but was a nice touch.  One of my good friends is also having her baby shower there too bc we liked it so much.
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