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Music choices/ playlist

Hello all, 

I am having a dilemma about my music choices. I have a very wide variety of music that I like, I literally like all types of music. The problem is though, what if old people dont like my style of music other than the oldies that I have also picked? My song list is very strict, my DJ is not going to be taking any requests because the list is such a wide variety. It goes from Luther Vandross, Foreigner, a LOT of other oldie songs up to like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and a few bands that Im sure none of the older folks have heard of like Sleeping With Sirens, and A Day To Remember. 

I have had mixed answers between friends and close family, but I feel that it is my wedding and I should be able to play whatever I want to play no matter if the older people like it, know it, or hate it all together. 

Re: Music choices/ playlist

  • I think as long as none of the songs have suggestive or offensive lyrics and you have a varied mix, you should be fine.  I think not having the DJ take requests from guests is a litle weird though.
  • The point of a list is so you want what you like played, the grooms father has requested a few songs that he DOESNT want to be played. Knowing his family; they will want all of those songs he doesn't want to be played, to be played. Along with myself on a few of those I dont want to be played (celebration, chicken dance, hokey pokey..etc, etc) So I am trying to prevent those songs from being played that the important people do not like. Does that make sense? 
  • Magdala9Magdala9
    edited September 2012
    Our DJ asked for a play list and a do not play list.

    We handed a list of  artists/bands for the play list and specific songs for the do not play list.  If someone asked for a song on the do not play list, he would say he didn't think he had it and check his stock.  Sorry sir, I don't have that song. 

    Our DJ actually recommended mixing up the songs so that older songs were mixed in with newer songs.  We had a great time. We had a great time when Gramma and Grampa started dancing to Sinatra and continued dancing in the next song (LMFAO).  They seemed to have fun too although I don't think they understood the words.     
  • Magdala9's dj had the right idea  mix it up! As for requests I encourage requests!! Wedding appropriate. The main reason is that there are some songs that have a lot of meaning that won't get played. As for the Do Not Plays, if they are requested, the DJ can just say that it has been requested to not play the song or that it won't fit into the family's format. This way your DJ doesnt look incompetent and your guests will have a better time!!
  • My apologies as a vendor I am not supposed to post.
  • One thing I learned from my MIL is to ask the dj to play 2 slow songs in a row.  The reasoning behind that is that often times by the time older couples hear a slow song its almost over by the time they make their way to the dance floor.

    Just a suggestion - it worked well for me!
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