Sasakatoon Outdoor Wedding!

Looking at having an outdoor wedding in Saskatoon in August 2011!

Unfortunately the berry barn, Agar's corner, and the forestry farm are all booked. :(

Does any one else know of any lesser known venues?

Re: Sasakatoon Outdoor Wedding!

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    Holy mack those are all booked already??
    What about the park at the Bess our outside the Menda Art Gallery, Kinsmen Parkl, check out what's at Gordie Howe campground, or any of the golf courses?

    I'm so happy to have found another Saskatoon bride on here!! lol!!
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    Holy camoly! I didn't know other Saskatoon Brides on here existed.  Nice to know. My wedding is April 30 2011.  You can use the city parks as long as you don't mind people walking through the ceremony.  There is a form online somewhere I believe, check out the city's web page.  
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    Haha well nice to meet you...I was also very surprised to see the subject line and now am surprised someone other than me commented on it!!  Sweeeet

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    If you are still looking for an outdoor Saskatoon location, you can check with the different seminaries and churches on the U of S campus. Many of them will do outdoor ceremonies in some of the nice nooks on campus using a historic building, the church or even the river as the backdrop. During the summer there are not many students around and it would be a very peaceful place to have a wedding. You would have to check with the individual groups though because I know that some denominations support outdoor marriages anywhere, while some support them just outside the church, while some do not support outdoor weddings at all.
    I hope this helped, good luck and congradulations
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