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Careers/Jobs (NWR)

Saw this on another board and I thought it would be fun to know, what does everyone do for work?

I'm a juvenile probation officer.  Which means I am having a budget wedding, haha.


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Re: Careers/Jobs (NWR)

  • I'm a dolphin trainer...awesome job, but very not awesome pay
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  • I am an Auditor (accounting).  Not the most fun job, but it will do for now and pays the bills.
  • bakersduzinbakersduzin member
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    I work in a research lab at a children's hospital. We've done a lot of research in autism, type I diabetes, childhood obesity, and neuroblastoma in kids.
  • jash009jash009 member
    Currently I'm on maternity leave but in the real world I am a Sales Admin.  Not a very exciting job, but it pays the bills.  Its certainly no dolphin trainer, that's amazing dnice!! It must be so cool to swim with the dolphins every single day!
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  • I am starting graduate school in July. I will be getting my PhD in clinical psychology, so that is my job for now!
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  • Dnice818- Being a dolphin trainer was always my "dream job". I'm so envious!

    I am an admin ass for the Carl's Jr./Hardee's Corporate office. For once in my life, I can honestly say that I LOVE my job...just not the pay :(
  • Data coordinator/adm. assitant, ISSS dept. Southwestern Methodist University.
    I can honestly say I do love my job and well the pay is enough to pay the bills, but could be better... I have worked in other places where my income would be grater but i hated it.. So im blessed to finally be doing what i like and getting paid for it :)

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  • I'm an attorney....and the pay is horrendous, but my job is fun.  Still haven't found my dream job and getting paid for what I made as a substitute kindergarden teacher sucks
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  • mdphdmdphd member
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    dnice, I think you win for coolest job.  Dolphin trainer sounds awesome!

    I'm a biomedical PhD student in Boston, researching infectious disease.
  • em01092em01092 member
    I'm a student, finishing my BA in history this December. 

    Then I'll get paralegal certification so I can be a lawyer's b!tch. lol 
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  • I'm a graphic designer at an advertising agency in Boston. Pretty fun, but lots of late nights and weekends. But awesome perks- we have a full bar, and the company takes us and our SO and any kids you have on a vacation to Disney every year.
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  • ljs283ljs283 member
    I'm a rehab aide in a physical therapy clinic and just started classes to be a Registered Respiratory Therapist!
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  • I'm definitely jealous of the dolphin trainer! I'm a college career career counselor.
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  • dtronoldtronol member
    I'm a Realtor, and I'm also in nursing school. And I'm a mom!

    Dolphin Trainer sounds awesome!
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  • Stay at home mom for me!!! Which doesnt pay the bills at all LOL but is the most rewarding, exciting, and fun job ive ever had!!!! Once my baby starts school I will go back to teaching first grade!
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  • Agreed with PPs - a dolphin trainer sounds awesome! We don't have many dolphins here in Buffalo LOL :)

    I'm a social worker, working in a outpatient addictions clinic. I do individual and group therapy with clients, most of which are on parole, county or federal probation, etc. I love my job...the pay isn't the greatest, but I'm just thankful to have a job that makes me happy.
  • I'm a banker, which basically is a sales rep.
  • MBS0310MBS0310 member
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    @dtronol- let me just start by saying WHEW!!!  That's alot right there! 

    I just graduated from Nursing school last weekend...so I'm an RN but i'll get back to ya on what area! :)
  • I'm the coordinator for international admissions at the University of Maryland.. but currently looking to move elsewhere within the school :)
  • My contract at Microsoft expired in December.  I am not looking until after I plan the whole wedding;P
  • I'm a chemist. When I feel like impressing people, I say I'm an applications chemist for a specialty chemicals company. What I really do is make paint and watch it dry. No, i am not kidding. I spent the last week painting boards and watching them dry. It pays the bills and is a good transition into what I want to do, technical sales and marketing.
  • @kaitlyn-I am impressed!  4 semesters of chem/o-chem were hard enough, let alone making it a career.
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  • I am a logistics Specialist for the Boeing Company in St. Louis (Which makes our military's top Defense aircrafts and weapons.)   I have to coordinate with  suppliers, procurement agents and managers with the delivery of parts and spares and the completion of mechanical service to keep our war fighters flying.
  • I work 2 jobs.. 7 days a week :(

    Im a "Product Review Specialist" for a call center and a Cosmetologist. Im also a mother to a 2.5 yr beautiful princess (lol)... IM EXHAUSTED!
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  • So many different jobs out there!  I am a financial advisor.  At first all i saw was dollar signs when we first started planning haha :)
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  • @Spree....... I still see lots of $$$ signs. LOL. Me and my fi are paying for about 80% of our own wedding and honeymoon expenses ourselves. Thats why we decided to have a longer engagement to give us time to save money, but everything is still expensive and i wish it would just get here already!
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