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Wedding in Roatan

Hi! I am planning my destination wedding in Roatan, Honduras. Wondering if any has had their wedding there? Resort suggestion? Thanks!

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  • Cynthia1207Cynthia1207 member
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    Maybe ask on the destination weddings board?  They might be able to help out a little more over there.
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    Yes, I asked in both boards. Many people don't even know where Roatan is, so I posted in both. Haha! Thanks :-)
  • Nati05Nati05 member
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    Sorry! Ours will be in Quito, Ecuador. But I understand, there isn't even a section with info for South America. Well there is, but it doesn't count since it's empty lol! Good luck!!
  • nvelez28nvelez28 member
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    I've been to Anthony's Key Resort twice in Roata, but I think it's too rustic for a wedding. The island is beautiful. Have you been? As you probably know, it is very secluded so that's something else to take into consideration.
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  • paorestrepompaorestrepom member
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    This message is to Carola:
    We are doing our wedding in Roatan, the best place to do it is in infinity bay resort  ,...nice resort and beach. Best location too.
    Hope this works for you !
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    Yes, I have been to Roatan before and stayed at Mayan Princess and Henry Morgan. I decided on having our wedding at Mayan Princess because they have an all-inclusive package which is better for my guests. I don't think Infinity Bay has an all-inclusive package. I can't wait!
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