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raise your hand if you got engaged on 11.11.11!

we took a long weekend trip up to his family cabin in mendocino, and on friday night over a bottle of wine and in front of a blazing fire, he proposed. it was quiet, and perfect and i cried like a baby!! we're officially telling the families tomorrow for thanksgiving! :) congrats to all you other lovely brides-to-be who share our special day!

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Re: raise your hand if you got engaged on 11.11.11!

  • Congrats!

    FI was planning to ask on the Friday, but a friend kind of completely ruined his plans, so he didn't end up getting the chance until Sunday. Ah well.
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    Life is good today.
  • Congratulations on your engagement!

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  • Yay, congrats!
  • Congrats :)

    I also got engaged on 11.11.11! :-) Oh and at 11:11 am :-) It was amazing, my fiance took me to the spot were we first kissed <3
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  • My hand's going up as well!

    That day happened to be just before our birthdays (his is 11/13, mine is 11/15) and we were trading presents when I went up to visit. I got him a Toy Story lunch box and a copy of "The King's Speech"...he got me a Kindle and, at the bottom, was a ring box. He'd never gotten me jewelry before, so I thought it would maybe be earrings (because a Kindle is already way cool--I remember thinking,"I am the worst gift giver EVER!"). I was wrong.

    Congratulations to you and enjoy your planning!
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