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Hair and Makeup Review

I was an out-of-state bride and scoured these boards all the time for honest opinions/reviews.  I based a lot of my decisions on real-time reviews so I thought I'd share some of mine for hair/makeup.

I used Lisa George and she does the most amazing makeup job and really takes her time to make sure everything is perfect and that you are happy.  She also uses the top hair stylists on the Cape for bridal hair...they come from all differnt salons.  This way, you are getting the best of the best. I was so so so happy with my hair and makeup (which was a very important part to my day).  People still tell me how great the hair/makeup looked on all the bridal party + moms.

The other nice thing about Lisa, is that she comes to you.  She (and her stylists) are sooo easy going and really become part of your 'getting ready' group.  Very easy to be around, which is exactly what you need the morning of your wedding day.  They were prepared, ontime, and very professional.

This should be a no-brainer decision, because Lisa and her team are THAT good.  I

If you decide to go with Lisa, you will be so happy with her work.  Worth every penny!

Good luck and enjoy!

Re: Hair and Makeup Review

  • The sentence you cut off at the bottom of your third paragraph reads that you are suprised she has received negative reviews. This is cut and pasted from a recent thread in which Lisa George did NOT get glowing reviews. 

    She can be rude and unprofessional. She double-books dates has left brides either in a bind (with no vendor 2-3 weeks before their weddings) or with the promise of only her assistants showing up (but, of course, charging full price). She is also the most expensive hair and make-up vendor I came across in my research. She is also not the only person who travels to you.

    In fact, when you yourself first posted looking for hair/make-up vendor suggestions, you acknowledged her questionable reputation for rudeness. That said, I'm glad she did a good job at your wedding; I just think it's more honest to paint a balanced picture.
  • Hi
    Do you have contact details for lisa - I am from ireland and getting married in Hyannis in sept so i too am relying on these boards.

    can i ask who did you have for your band, videography and photographer?

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