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New Hampshire

BBQ Catering

I am looking for a place that does Barbeque anywhere in New Hampshire. We are making all of the sides and just need the meat. Pulled pork, brisket, pulled chicken...it doesn't really matter. We're ona tight budget and need to feed 200 people. Anyone have any recomendations??
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Re: BBQ Catering

  • Mojo's in Portsmouth has AMAZING barbeque food!  I honestly don't know what they charge for catering/large-scale delivery, but I do know that you can order some pretty giant things to feed a crowd without going through any catering - check out their menu at http://www.mojosbbqshack.com/

    I can definitely tell you they're quite reasonably priced for a dinner out, but I have no idea how much catering is.  They do have a "Heapin' Helpin's" meal that supposedly feeds 10-12 that I'd imagine would probably feed closer to 20 even without the 5 pints of sides.

    Good luck!

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  • Try Annie's Catering: [email protected]  she used to be the catering chef for the Common Man, I met with her and will use her if we end up doing a wedding outside a traditional venue. She really accomodates budgets. she has a bbq package, pulled pork isn't on it but I'm positive she could add it.
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