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Vendors in Buffalo?

Hey all!

I'm a newbie here on the Knot, and still trying to get a feel for my wedding style, but I have no idea where to have the wedding. I would like to find a place that can accomodate both the ceremony and the reception in the Buffalo/Amherst area. My FH and I are students at UB and we are planning to have the wedding after we graduate (May 2014), so I'm trying to find something relatively in that area.
I also was also wondering if anyone could break it down for me what to do about out of town guests. I read something about "blocks" but, obviously, as I am still in the early stages of planning, I don't know how many people I will need to accomodate. Everyone that my FH and I will be inviting will be coming from Albany area (for me) and New Jersey (for my FH).

Thanks in advance!!! :)

Re: Vendors in Buffalo?

  • -University Inn, Ramada
    -Samuel's Grand Manor
    -Big Hotel Chains in the area with ballrooms

    As far as out of town guest. I would try to send a save a date card out so they know when and where the wedding is, i.e. Buffalo. Once you guys selected a venue find a hotel close by that you like and block off however many rooms you think you will need. You can get this information to your family via word of mouth and officially via the invite. Most hotels with a large block of rooms are going to request a release date. This is so if you group doesn't use all the rooms in your block they can sell them to other people.

    Also I would like to suggest since most of your guest will be out of town you might want to look into a hotel ballroom. Just to make things easier on your guest and you. Good Luck !
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  • Beware that some hotels also put room blocks on a contract, so if you have a lot of expected guests, they may put a block aside for you, but you would be responsible for filling a certain percentage of the rooms.

    This is the case for us. My family is from Canada and my fiance's family is from all over the USA. We had to contract rooms to ensure we had enough. We're responsible for 80% of the room nights we've contracted so just be sure you have a good idea of how many rooms you may need.
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