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how to honor parents' 40th anniversary at our reception?

My parents' 40th anniversary is 8 days after our wedding. I am looking for any ideas of ways we could honor this milestone at our wedding. There won't be a separate party for them since our event will be taking up all the money and time and attention around that time. But I don't want them to feel forgotten, I want them to feel acknowledged and honored. Any ideas?Thanks Knotties :)

Re: how to honor parents' 40th anniversary at our reception?

  • A special dance for the two of them.  You might have another bouquet there that recreates the one your mom carried on her wedding day.  If you do anything more, they'll probably feel like they are infringing on your wedding reception.  Remember that they've already had theirs.
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  • If you know what "their" song is, you could have the band or DJ play it and call your parents up for a special dance. About halfway through, s/he could ask the rest of the guests to join in (too many special dances = way boring for guests, but I think it's ok if they're invited to join in).
  • We announced my parents' 40th wedding anniversary at our AHR.  My husband and I stood up and thanked everyone for coming, then said we were there to celebrate not just our wedding, but a lot of things that were going on in our families - new babies, wedding anniversaries, engagements, graduations.  We ran through many people, but saved my parents' 40th for last.
  • I agree with the song that they danced to 40 years ago. I think that would be  beautiful.

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    My parent's 40th was the day after my wedding.  We did toast.  My mom couldn't remember their song and dad's not really a dancer anyway.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Do a toast and a dance
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  • The song "Remember When" by Alan Jackson is PERFECT for honoring "years" of marriage.  If you DJ is on the ball, he can present it in a fashion that honors your parents AND the newlyweds all in one.  Reflecting on their wonderful achievement and wishing the new couple the same success.  Good luck and Congratulations to your parents!!!!
  • I went to a wedding where they asked all the couples who were married to dance, then they said if you have been married 5 years stay, then 10, then 20 etc, I thought that was a really cool way to honor marriage in general and maybe your parents will like to share the spotlight with others.
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  • Thanks for the ideas! They didn't dance at their wedding, but they are beautiful dancers so a dance would be perfect.
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