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Hey ladies!! I know it's late but it was my baby sister's 12th birthday today and I just wanted to spend time with her! My day has been well I had to do my hair which took 4 hours because I was being a baby about it! LOL! I have 152 days left until the wedding! I'm so excited! Also my cousin who got married in June is pregnant!! My whole family is so happy and I'm super excited for a new cousin! Bad news my older cousin has kidney failure with only 10% of his kidney's working! It's alot going on and on top of that I'm trying my very best to stay fit and healthy! I lost 5 more pounds!! So excited!! NO more McDonald's for me! I gained 5 pounds eating that crap!! Made me feel horrible too!! I'm trying my best to stay on track! I feel good girls! How you doin'??!!
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Re: HEY Y'ALL!!!!

  • I am back to doing my Insanity workout and I feel great!  It is sooo true about certain foods making you feel blah!  I had to cut out dairy :-( and I looooove milk and cheese but it's so worth it to feel good and my skin is clearing too!
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