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to do Tuesday!

Sorry i forgot to do the post!

What's on the agenda this week both WR and NWR??
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Re: to do Tuesday!

  • WR: Mail out the Save the Dates!!! 

    NWR: ICKY ICKY work..  7 Straight days this week and then one day off and probably back to working 6-7 days straight! 
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  • Last minute dress drama-- I had no idea anyone could be a flaky as the seamstress I used for removing the train from my gown. The latest thing she's done was forget to take the dress back to the shop to get steamed. I hope she didn't forget the train-ectomy (the ONLY alteration it needed). If I am bustling that thing on my wedding day, you guys will hear me scream from Mexico. Other than that, I took the day off to pack and do last-minute stuff. I'd be too excited to work anyway. Hope everyone is having a great week!!
  • WR: well we are officially in double digits!! I am on the hunt for luggage. Kohls is having a sale, well they were yesterday dunno if they still are today but buy some sets get one for a dollar or some get 1/2 off. I need two more bigger suitcases. I already have one set so I feel kinda dumb buying two whole other sets but just one big suitcase itself is like 60-80 bucks anymore so why not get two sets for a lil more. Idk we will see iff I find something I like! I am also on the hunt for a gd deal on bug spray! NWR:Gotta get myself in the work out mode again I have been feelng crappy so the time I get home I just want to relax after work, time to get back in it! Oh and I am dog sitting for my step sister so my lil min pin is going to be really excited :)
  • Aw, Meg, I have a min pin too! She's a little retarded (for real, she was abused and suffered traumatic brain injury) and blind (also from being abused) but she's the sweetest little dog ever!

    WR: Um, FI still needs his suit. Like, this week, we need to go suit shopping. I'm so tired of nagging him about it though. Honestly, I'm getting to the point where if he doesn't get something and has nothing to wear, it's his fault and I don't care. Also, got the paper to print out programs and place cards.

    NWR: at least, not related to my wedding- I'm sending out the invites for my bro and FSILs engagement party! 
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  • Well mine doesn't have brain damage but she is tje biggest brat and most stubborn dog I've ever had! Dunno what I'd do without her tho :)
  • WR: I need to call back the owner of the restaurant for our reception because when we booked him the other day, I forgot to ask about starting time. oops. We NEED to order invitations soon! Between work and school, I have no idea how we'll get these put together and mailed out on time. Eeek.

    NWR: like Meg, I need to get back into the workout mode (and eating better). I'm definitely coming down with something and I feel the worst in the morning, fine by lunch, and too tired to move after work. Boo. 
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  • Meg- That deserves an AW post!! (double digits!!!!)

    WR- Shop for mother of groom dress and gift, decide on whether i will purchase "getting ready" shirts for me and my girls and my mom, shop for mother of bride dress and gift, shop for groomsmen's shirts and ties (the ties will be their gifts).  Shop for groom's gift!

    NWR- clean clean clean my apt!  We let the clutter build up since we both went away that one weekend and had a busy filled week of broadway shows!  I have the place halfway back to normal and once it's 100% back to normal I can lay out my luggage so we can start packing and making packing lists so as not to forget anything!! (okay okay, that's semi, it's crazy how your whole life pretty much becomes WR the closer you get!)
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