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Pre-planning ok?

So I've been teased every so often for looking into vendor information and checking out bridal expos before I'm engaged. (Just a matter of time. We already know we're getting marrried, it's just a matter of when.)

What's your opinion on planning/shopping around for what you like? Do you think it's a bit premature?

Looking forward to hearing your input! :)

Re: Pre-planning ok?

  • lala90lala90 member
    edited December 2011
    Oh you are funny!  Yeah--I think it is ok to look.  As long as you know the engagement is coming.  Some people have very short engagments like 6 months or so and in that case it is good to plan ahead.  You may want  to look at the other knotties "planning bios" like the one at the bottom of my signature to help you find vendors and venues.  I have gotten a lot of help that way!  Good Luck.
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    I had already booked the venue before we were technically engaged. I knew it was coming and I wanted to jump on a deal to keep the price locked. So we had a date before the ring and proposal. We also had to have our guest list ready so we knew what size venue we were going to need. So yeah I don't see a problem with it :)
  • edited December 2011
    I was browsing the internet for wedding stuff before I was engaged...and I didn't think it was coming for YEARS! lol. I was more curious than anything to see what prices of venues were and stuff.

  • edited December 2011
    hhahaha My friends tell me I am the ONLY girl ALIVE that doesn't know if she IS engaged,,,,,lol My fiance gave me a beautiful ring  on one knee   but...no words were asked. So I am assuming the wedding is way in the future....So I have shopped, bought some things for centerpieces, even planned how to decorate the place were we eventully be married.....so as far as you "planning" ahead....it is NEVER too soon.................lol
  • edited December 2011
    i had my dream dress picked out before we were engaged. i also had a guestlist and a venue. but when we did get engaged all those changed haha
  • edited December 2011
    same for me pp. i browsed around for idea and then it all ended up different that what i originally thought. it was still fun though! and it helped narrow down the process of what i liked and didnt like.

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