Opinion about David's Bridal in Springfield VA

My budget is only $500 for the dress (that's everything- alterations, etc), so David's is a logical choice. But I've read mixed things about them (Springfield is the closest).

Any tips on how to get the best service at David's?

Are there other wedding dress stores  in my price range I should visit?


Re: Opinion about David's Bridal in Springfield VA

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    I was in a wedding about 6-7 years ago and we got our dresses from that David's Bridal.  There are probably completely different people there, but from what I can remember, it wasn't fantastic service.  I remember the bride being unhappy with something, but can't remember what it was.  Sorry I can't be of more help.

    Have you looked at Alfred Angelo dresses?  Unfortunately, there aren't any Alfred Angelo manufacturer stores in the area (closest one is Cumberland, MD) but there are other bridal salons that sell them in the area.  Might want to look at their dresses - there are a lot in your price range and if you get them from an actual AA store, they run sales all the time.  My dress ended up being around $600.

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    David's was the first place I tried on any dresses, as I wanted to get an idea of what looked good on my body.  I made an appointment for a weeknight, as I heard it gets very crazy on the weekend.  The consultant who helped me wasn't very enthusiastic and I don't think she did a good job of pulling dresses that flattered me.  However, I pulled a few of my own that I liked and had better luck with that.  So you should be able to find something in your budget there, as long as you don't mind self-service.

    I also went to a shop called Bridals by Natalie in Alexandria, and I found a Mori Lee dress there that I really liked for $399, so that might be another option for you.  I had attentive service there too. 

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    I've been to a couple of boutiques and David's. I've had fine experiences at all of the stores. I think it really depends on the salesperson you're working with and they're mood that day -- just like any retail operation. I don't count on service much nowadays. I go looking for what I want and the price I want. As long as I achieve those goals, then I'm happy!
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    I bought my dress there last month and I had a really good experience.  The consultant that I had was so into everything and she pulled tons of dresses.  I ended up buying mine that day.  I know some people have bad experiences and I think part of it depends on your consultant.  Her name was Erica.

    Also - FYI - On a Saturday (but it might have just been because of the sale) consultants have two brides at once.  I didn't mind since I liked keeping the dresses on a few minutes and talking with my mom/MOH to decide if I liked it
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    I bought my dress at that David's and had no problems.  I also went to different boutiques and wasn't impressed, dresses were expensive (none under $1200 that I saw), there wasn't much selection and I couldn't tell a difference in the fabric.  I ended up going back to David's and trying on more dresses the next day and fell in love with the dress I ended up getting.  I wasn't impressed with the seamstress they brought out, she made me feel pressured which I cant stand.  I am having it altered w/Angie Cavallaro who has pretty good prices and does amazing work judging by her reviews on here and weddingwire.com. 

    I'd go back to David's and recommend them - especially for the prices.  If you can, try to go during the day when everyone is at work.

    Good luck!
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    David's Bridal in Springfield is good just do NOT go on a weekend. It is a MAD HOUSE. I would def recommend a weekday/night. Good luck! Also, you should shop around and then check online for dresses you like. I found mine (not at Davids) at a shop in Fairfax and ordered it online, saved me more than $300. Just a thought. Good luck and have fun!

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    If you are looking for the attentive consultant experience you see on the show "Say Yes to the Dress" you will not get that at the David's Bridal in Springfield. But you will find a great dress within your budget. My budget was similar to yours and I bought my dress there and love it. 
    My consultant was very nice but she would only pull 1 or 2 dresses at a time and then disappear for a long time.  My MOH ended up pulling most of the dresses that I tried on so be prepared to have whoever goes with you pull dresses.
    I agree with everyone who said go on a weeknight. It is a madhouse on Saturday.
    Good luck with your dress search.

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    I bought mine at the DB in Springfield.   My consultant was not good, but one of my bridesmaids used to work at a bridal shop, so we basically just pulled whatever we wanted and ran our own show.

    If you're ok with wearing a used dress I would HIGHLY recommend checking out preownedweddingdresses.com.  There's also a shop in Rockville I think that sells consigned dresses, and I've heard it's very good.
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    I got my dress at the Davids in Springfield. My first consultant (Lucia) was no good - haha. But Jen W (who I HIGHLY recommend) pulled a dress that I fell in love with. She's my consultant now & my sister's also. Overall I'd recommend them for sure. It's great for the budget brides like me! :-)

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    I went, and had a fairly poor experience.  My bridesmaid and I browsed the dresses and pulled a bunch that we liked, but the consultant completely ignored them.  She pulled a bunch of dresses I didn't really like, didn't listen to me, disappeared for a long time, and was just generally pushy and unhelpful.
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    Boo to them..All my experiences there have been negative...Thank God I didnt get my dress from them..My bm's are getting their dresses from there. When we went to have them try on dresses our girl was everywhere but with us. I had style numbers all ready for her and she was pulling different styles..I was like UMM NO..I ended up pulling the dresses I wanted them to try..Plus her english wasnt that great. Very hard to understand..
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    they just opened an alfred angelo in baltimore. :)
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    FYI- the two consultants recommended in this  thread- Jen W and Erica are no longer with David's Bridal in Springfield. I've been put with Jessica--anyone work with her?

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    Just to follow up- I ended up with Anne who was good as long as you also have someone with you that can help zip you up.

    Found a $250 dress that I love and it was suppose to take 3 months and it actually took 10 days---that's right 10 days!!

    Here is a longer review of my experience...
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    My experience at David’s Bridal in Springfield, VA
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