Winery's Rec Portland Metro?

My Fiance wants me to look for wineries that offer weddings, obviously outdoor, both reception and ceremony.  I have only found a couple.  We are so all over the place in choices...we need to narrow it down.  The place we fell in love with booked up so fast over a year in advance, they only had like Tuesdays left, crazy!

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    There's a ton if you go SW of Portland to the Newberg/Yamhill/Dundee area, plus a few B&Bs that are nestled in among the wineries.  Sokol Blosser, Torii Mor, Willamette Valley (obviously further south) to name a few.  Friends got married at Wine Country Farms and it was beautiful.

    Good luck!
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    How big is your reception?  We looked at Vista Hills Vineyard, on top of
    Dundee Hills by Domaine Serene/Drouhin, but it was too small for us.  They're less well-known, so maybe they'll still be available for you.  (503) 864-3200 or by email at [email protected]
    We're getting married at Zenith Vineyard. It's beautiful (I may be biased), and the coordinator, Kari, is a hoot.
    Good luck!
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    I'm getting married at Domaine Margelle in Scotts Mills, OR. They just started doing wedding last summer, but have a beautiful space. You get 48 hours with your rental and a three bedroom cabin to use for two nights included in the rental...which is unheard of.
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    Try David Hill in forest grove.  They have a beautiful lawn for tents and ceremony.  The view is amazing and there the vineyard is all around your site.  The Farmhouse has a place for both bride and groom to dress.  Check out the pics at http://www.voila-catering.com/davidhill.html
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