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Bachelorette Party in Pensacola Beach, FL

Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday!  My friends are throwing me a Bachelorette Party in Pensacola Beach in August.  If you have been there before can you give me some suggestions on where to stay, places to eat, where to go out, etc?

I was trying to find the "Panhandle" message board but I think it has been merged with the North Florida message board so here I am.  :)

I really appreciate any advice my fellow knotties can give me!


Re: Bachelorette Party in Pensacola Beach, FL

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    You definitely need to go to Flounders!  It is one of my favorite bars on Pensacola Beach.  Be sure to get a Diesel Fuel, one is more than enough!  They have live music, it's a good time.  There are tons of bars in that area in walking distance like Captain Fun's and Bamboo Willies has all frozen drinks.  There is an irish restaurant, McGuire's, it's not too far from the beach and would be a fun place for dinner and drinks.

    I also really like downtown Pensacola.  Seville is a blast, it has different areas within the bar depending on what you like.  The piano bar there is a blast!  HTH
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    I've been to most of the places Laura mentioned and they are probably your best bests for hangouts.
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    Also just for like lunch ro something, Surf Burger is awesome and have some great sweet potatoe fries! Flounders have a wet t-shirt contest, i find it hilarious...its at night time. Patty O lary's is a good bar. if you are there on a wednesday night the dock as $5 drinking with lincoln, all you can drink for 5 bucks, and Fish House, its in pensacola but they have ladies night, $3 anything on wednesdays. Mcguires ladies drink free on thursdays <---- I am broke and in school so i know where to go if i want to go out and party! LOL Peg Leg Petes is good at the beach. Hemmingways has a pretty decent sunday brunch, but my fav is mcguires brunch.
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