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Bridal Shower for a Military Bride


My friend is getting married this december and then shortly after moving to a base in Germany.  

For the bridal shower, is it rude to ask guests to only buy giftcards or give money since they won't be registering for gifts?

Re: Bridal Shower for a Military Bride

  • ksrawrksrawr member
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    It is not advised however based on their situation I would think guests would be fine with it.  I would just say on the invite if you choose to bring a gift please make it a gift card as they will be moving ot Germany after getting married and the less they have to ship the better.    I wouldn't say anything about cash thought because those that choose not to give gift cards will more than likely write a check anyways.
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  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    I agree.  I would mention it as a suggestion to the guests but wouldn't put it on the invites.

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  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    We moved across the country within a month of our wedding for a PCS, and I wanted to do a cash shower because of this.  But we ended up doing a registry anyways, and I was very happy we did.  Since the military pays for the move anyways, it really made no difference to us that we had extra stuff to move.  There were quite a few people that knew our situation anyways and gave us cash or gift cards anyways. 

    Etiquette-wise, you can't ask for cash or gift cards.  You technically aren't even supposed to mention a registry.  Some people come up with poems and rhymes to ask for cash, but there are always people who find it tacky.  Word of mouth is the best way to let people know.  But I have seen it written on the invites as well.  Where would you have them give gift cards to?  Just make sure its a place that can be bought from here, and used in Germany. 
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    We are moving a few months after the wedding when he returns to the states. I would never blatently ask for cash or gift cards. But if people ask our parents where we are registered at they will explain the situation. I just feel like it would be tacky for us to ask for it, as it is to list where you are registered at on your invites. But we are very traditional in that sense! Hope that helps.
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