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The calm after the bridezilla storm

Well I went to bed angry last night cause FI knew not to talk to me when I am like that.  This morning I woke up to breakfast in bed and him saying he was sorry for the way things happened last night. He was sorry that he didn't let me know they were coming and that he did not check his sister for talking to me like that. He told me that he will make sure that will never happen again.

He also told me that his mom meant no harm she is just really excited for us. So as soon as he said that I instantly felt awful for yelling and putting them out.  I called her, and apologized for my behavior. I just felt ganged up on and I did not like it.  She started crying and told me that she loves me and she knew that she had crossed the line and she was sorry. She also let me know that her daughter will never make another comment about my weight. She asked if she could still be a part of the wedding and I said of course.  I did let her know that it is mine and FI's day and ultimately we will have the final decision about anything regarding the wedding.  She agreed and now things are right in the world again.

So from now on ladies I am gonna try my best to keep my calm and think before I react.  Thanks for the support ladies. You have no idea how much you guys mean to me!!!

Re: The calm after the bridezilla storm

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    Glad to hear that everyone woke up this morning with a much clearer head and now everyone's on the same page!  I think we (FI's mother) sometimes think we know what someone wants/desires and that we're being helpful but sometime we're on the wrong track.  Now, as for FIs sister - she was just out of line! 

    Praying for smooth sailing from this point on!
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  • cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    So glad to hear this was resolved peacefully!  And your FI stepped up and did the right thing by you as well....I'm happy for you all!  Be blessed!
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  • TNMurrayTNMurray member
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    Im glad FI handled everything and that you were able to talk to fmil and talk things out. Wedding planning is a true test and it seems like you all can handle it. good luck
  • csuperstar02csuperstar02 member
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    Glad to hear that! Most relationships have to have a "Come to Jesus meeting" in them at some point. Hoping that y'all will be good through the rest of this journey!

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    That is good news!!! Glad everyone is happy and calm again!!

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    You couldn't have scripted a better way for this to be resolved...glad y'all took care of this maturely and quickly. Yay...now you can enjoy your New Year's Eve!

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    Glad to hear that ya'll were able to talk & come to a mutual understanding. Enjoy your New Years!
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    it is good to know everything worked out for the best....but you had to get the Bridezilla moment out the way before it turn into a big build up.  Glad to hear you FI realize his sister was out of line.
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    I am happy that FI realized and you realized what needed to be done. Now that everything is on the table, you can start the New Year off right!
  • 7venAfricano7venAfricano member
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    So happy that everything was able to get resolved so quickly. It's very nice that your FMIL and your FI were so understanding as well. Thank the Lord is wasn't any worse. It's always good to be able to sleep on things and clear your head. Seems like everyone else had a chance to do so as well :). Nice to see that your Bridezilla moment had a good out come and with that out of the way you can hopefully have "smooth sailing" with the rest of your wedding planning.
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    Glad that everything and everybody calmed down
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    I just read your original post and am glad everything wi=orked out for the better for you. And Kudos to your FI for the breakfast in bed after a tough night. Can he call mine? lol
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