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Tuesday QOTD

Have you ever helped lead someone to Christ?
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Re: Tuesday QOTD

  • Yes, my best friend is just starting to attend our church and is now bringing her little 3 year old daughter our and teaching her biblical stories :)
  • Indirectly only. I prayed for and labored over my best friend (my matron of honor) for years before she came to Christ two years ago. I know God gave me some of his love for her when she was destructive in our relationship and I know I spoke to her of him many of times. I counseled her when her marriage was failing (they are now happy) and through several lifestyle choices that were just wrong...

    That said, I wasn't actually there when she surrenderd to Him. She was touched by a Christian couple she worked with and they invited her to church and it happened. But I know that my years of prayers and love were a major part of it, so I do think I helped lead her to Christ.
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  • When I was a teen I went to a summer training camp where I was taught how to present the Gospel to children. I had the opportunity to lead 2 little girls to Christ that summer! That was the beginning of my passion for child evangelism! I have been teaching children ever since and have had the opportunity to lead several more to Christ. 
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  • Yes.  I led my best friend at lunch in the cafeteria in 5th grade, several kids at Childrens Camp when I was a chaperone, and a little girl in Maryland when I was on a Mission Trip with my youth group.  There's a girl in my AWANA group that I've been talking with and praying for the last few weeks.  She hasn't made a decision yet, but I think she's pretty close.
  • Yes, thankfully so many I'm not sure the number. Friends in middle school and high school, friends at camp in the summer, and my H :)

    H was a team effort between my dad and I
  • My best friend. We met in middle school and I slowly talked to her and invited her to church events. She didn't accept Christ until our sophomore year of high school, but now she's going into the ministry!

    Three little boys at the Indian Reservation I spent my summers on. It's pretty awesome because we're Facebook friends now (they're in middle school) and they still love Christ!
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  • Yep. I'm a youth pastor, so it kind of comes with the teritory, although most of the time I'm just a voice box. There have been nights kids made decisions when nothing went right, so I know it's not me! 
  • My baby sister. :)

    It was the collaborative effort of a visiting pastor, myself, and my in-laws (and God, of course!) at our family camp last summer that helped her take that last step she had been missing before.
  • My best friend Elaine and I took my friend Amy to snowcamp with our youth group in 11th grade. I wacthed her get saved and it was years in the making etc. I had seen her go through so much in high school / middle school and the message that night really spoke to her and we all just cried the happiest tears when she went forward. She wrote in my yearbook that year what a blessing I was to her as a friend for so many years , it was just so amazing.
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  • My nieces.  They aren't baptized yet but we and my ILs brought them to Vacation Bible School one summer and they started coming to services, and on "Back to Church Sunday" where you invite someone to come with you, they invited their parents.  The kids have been motivation for their parents (my SIL and BIL) to come back to church, and I'm trying to gently teach my nieces bible stories and prayer at bed time without stepping on the parents' toes too much.  I think the parents are planning to get them baptized in the next year or so.

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