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Looking for Recommendations

I'm looking at the lakeside package with Always & Forever and been dealing with Meisha.  I was wondering if anyone has used them, or knew of any past knotties who have.  And that's the type of feel I"m going for, so if anyone knows of any venues I should look at I would love it!

I'm starting to look for transportation companies to get guests to/from ceremony, me & FI to/from sign graveyard, and other places we'll be taking photos, and everyone to the reception dinner.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Looking for Recommendations

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    FI's cousin got married there a few years ago. I, personally, was not a fan. It's at the end of a strip mall. Although once your inside the garden area you can't tell. The gently sloping hill down to the gazebo was a super-steep nightmare for those of us in heels. We ladies were holding onto eachother and trying unsuccessfully to keep our heels from sinking in. The "grass" was more like a fake rug and you could see how torn up it was, probably from people trying to walk up the hill. We also noticed that we were a little rushed out as there was another wedding that was happening right after their's.

    All that being said, the venue did fit into the budget that the couple had. The photos came out well. And they were happy with the way everything turned out. I think they got the DEVOTION package, but it might have been the one above that. I recall we were there for about an hour.

    This wedding was a few years ago, and it is possible that they have renovated and redone some things since then. So you might want to bring that up when talking to them.

    As far as transportation, how many guests do you have? Bell Trans, Presidential, & EarthLimo are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    Were you planning on doing pictures at the Neon Museum and a photo tour after the ceremony? What were you planning on doing with your guests in the mean time, you're talking a few hours for that. I believe a photo shoot at the Neon Museum costs about $200 (not including the photographer), so you defiantly don't want to rush through that. So you want about 2 hours for that. If your doing a strip tour, you probably want to dedicate 2 hours for that as well, it takes a while to get to each hotel, get dropped off, walk to the shoot spot, take pictures, walk back to the vehicle.

    A better idea might be to do the photo tour before/after the ceremony and save the Neon Museum for a TTD shoot on a different day. Otherwise your trying to cram a whole lot into a little time and you'll end up neglecting your guests.
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    FI and I are planning on using their grand garden. We'll be back in Vegas in early October and plan on checking the place out soon after getting there. I've heard mixed reviews, but from the reviews I've found it seems like they started out a little rough a few years back, and are now working pretty smoothly.

    The outside locations, like lilMissScareAll said are at the end of a strip mall. You're guests, if arriving early will be waiting under a blue awning besides a Garfields restaurant.

    Always and Forever also has a facebook page you might want to look at. There are quit a few pictures on there.

    Depending on your ceremony budget and wedding size Ravella (the old Ritz Carlton) and Loews Lake Vegas Resort have some amazing sites for ceremonys. It's just a bit pricey in comparison.
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    the Ravella doesn't offer ceremony only packages, but is it gorgeous.  I just sent a request to Loews, I didn't even know there was one there.  I'm not real big on having a wedding in a strip mall.  We're having maybe 20 guests.  We're having the ceremony probably around 11am and the dinner around 6pm.  Not to sound naive, but am I supposed to entertain the guests in the mean time?  I figured it's Vegas, there is something to occupy their time.

    And yes, we planned on the neon museum and a photo tour.  It's about 4hrs total?  That's a long time.  I'll see if I can keep her overnight and do a 2day shoot.
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