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Make up?

Does anyone know a good and low priced(affordable) place to get make up done for wedding day????

Re: Make up?

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    What do you consider to be affordable? If we know your budget we might be able to offer some suggestions that are useful to you.
  • SE+MBSE+MB member
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    Not knowing your budget, I can't help much. Have you considered going to the mall and having a makeup counter do it for you? Most places will do your makeup but you have to buy at least 2 items. Just call around.

    I know bridalbeautyconsulting.com will come to you but I think they are more expensive than most mall makeup counters.
  • maxgyrl00maxgyrl00 member
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    I got mine done free at the Mac Store, you call and set up an appointment and you have to buy $50.00 worth of cosmetics, I purchased eyelashes, lip gloss, lipstick and lip liner since I already use their foundation and my total came to $58.00.  I bought the exact ones that the artist used on that day even though I only used it once right before the wedding to touch up my lips.  It was a guy that did my makeup and he did a great job.  I was a little nervous when he got close to my eyes and he was so patient with me.  I can't wait to be able to do it again.  The only problem was that the eyelashes always felt heavy on my eyes and I wanted to keep them on for a few days but they just never felt right, I ripped them off the next morning.  You can do a trial if you like but it was not in my budget and I'm glad I didn't waste that extra $50.00
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    You have options when it comes to makeup:

    You can hire a private makeup artist to do a freelance job and that will run anywhere from $50-$200/ person depending on the artist.

    Then, you can go to a department store/ MAC and pay for a service or do a "free with purchase" type thing, but you may be limited on time and the artists ability (MAC will always do a good job!)

    Finally, you can pay for a makeup lesson for an "everyday" look and ask your artist to give you tips on adding to it for your wedding day.  In my opinion (as a former MAC artist and as a current freelance makeup artist), this is your smartest option, but your budget may not allow for it and that's okay.  You will learn the skills to do your own makeup on your wedding day and many days after.

    The best advice I can give about your artist is not to look at what they wear on their own face, but watch them do makeup on someone else.

    I really hope this helps :)
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    I've heard lots of people do what the other posters mentioned above: get a lesson @ MAC and buy the cosmetics they used to do your own on the wedding day with great results.  Another option I've thought about doing is taking my bridal party and myself to the Aveda Institute on Sherwood for mani-pedis, hair, and makeup. All the services are done by students so the services are at a FRACTION of the cost of those done by other salons.
    Here's their service/pricing menu:
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  • KaylaO2010KaylaO2010 member
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    I've never heard of the Aveda Institute, but I'm so glad you mentioned it.  I'm getting married at the Gatehouse, which is right off of Sherwood Forest.  This sounds perfect!  I'm definitely going to check them out when I get a chance.  =)
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    Kayla, while you're there you should check out Bridal Beauty Consulting. It's right next to the Aveda Institute. I am not sure what kind of budget you have, or what Tina's current prices are... but she did a fantastic job on my hair and makeup, as well as all my bridesmaids and my mom.

    She usually does free consultations where you can just meet with her, ask questions, and get a little packet of her prices and services. It might be worth it to check out both since they're practically next door to each other.
  • KaylaO2010KaylaO2010 member
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    Ok, I will do that!  Thanks!
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