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Chinese/ Indian wedding help!!

I am newly engaged as of 1 week ago and this is my very first post!  My fiance is Indian and I am Chinese and although we would like to incorporate both our cultures all aspects of the wedding, it is extremely difficult to find the right balance.  Does anyone have any ideas for what we should do about food?  I would like a have a sit down dinner with traditional chinese and indian food...for example, indian appetizers and desserts and chinese entrees.  anyways, I'd love to hear everyones ideas!! 

Re: Chinese/ Indian wedding help!!

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    I want to say congrats!! (:

    You should try paging ring_pop on the Chinese board. She's a Chinese bride who married an Indian groom. Her wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely gorgeous.
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    Hi.  I just joined The Knot.  I'm half Chinese and half Indian. (Half Cantonese and half Sindhi).  My fiance is Filipino/Catholic.  I'd love to follow how your wedding plans are going.  I am so confused on how to merge the three cultures and traditions into our wedding.  We want to represent them all as it best represents us. 
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    For the food, try to respect your Indian relatives wishes and avoid beef if that is important to them. There are a lot of other choices, although people often look forward to a steak when they go to a wedding.

    When it comes to the menu, when you are having your wedding, if it's a Hindu one, pass out refreshments - like a mago lassi or mango juice. Our ceremonies are long and we often give our guests a refreshment.

    It may be a bit confusing to the palate to have so much mixed in. Why not have Indian canapes and starters? A lot of Indian dishes can be made Indo-asian. Discuss this with your caterers. Chicken samosas, kebabs, spring rolls, grilled veggie sushi...Try to go for flavors rich in tamarind, ginger, etc - they can please anyone and keep the spice at a medium level.

    Maybe have desserts also that respect both ras malai and raas gulla and the desserts that come from your background. Make it a dessert table during the end of your reception, after dinner and around the time you cut your cake. Kind of like a spin on a viennese hour.

    Both cultures have a rich heritage of eating so respect both and both of your families. I wish you luck and so much happiness!
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    To accomodate our Indian, Chinese, and American guests, we did a buffet with dishes from Indian and Chinese restaurants - it came out wonderful.  We are both Indian.

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