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Hi everyone!
My sisters are trying to plan my bridal shower for me, but the places they're looking at, to me, are way too expensive. Can anyone suggest a nice place in either the Oakland or San Francisco area that is inexpensive, but still nice? Looking at about 30 guests, hopefully less than $10/ pp. That's do-able right? =)

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    Are you serious about less than $10 pp? Or is this a joke? If you're serious then no, it's probably not possible.
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    I had a couple bridal showers and each where at houses. Do you have to go to a restaurant for a bridal shower? We ordered meat and cheese platters to make sandwiches and the bridal party offered to bring dishes as well.  
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    Yes, it's a joke. That's exactly why I asked the question. That's what these threads are for right... amusement??


    I wouldn't mind having it at a house, but it seems like my sisters really want it at a restaurant. I'm all about saving as much money as possible, whether it's my money or not. =) So any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Haha sorry, I just didn't want to laugh if you were serious. I can understand wanting to save other people money, I'm the same way. But my mom always tells me that sometimes people WANT to do something nice for you, and it's nice for you to just be excited and not worry too much about the cost. But if you're thinking that your sisters are thinking they want a restaurant but really can't afford a nice one then I definitely think someone's house is a better option. 90% of the showers I've been to were at someone's house and they were very nice.
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    There is no way that you can pull this off. Think about it.... A meal at a restaurant for under $10 including tip. 18% gratuity is the norm for most catering functions, so you're looking at a $8 meal with NO drink included.

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    Do you know anyone who lives in a nice apartment building or condo complex that has a nice clubhouse or conference room that can be let for an afternoon?   That might be a good option -- enough space for 30 and the option  to self-cater or find a low-cost caterer. 
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    yea...i'm w/ the other girls. way you can do this for under $10.  it MAY be possible at someones house...but still highly unlikely.

    think about it...its close to $10 for a combo meal at McDonalds.

    if your sisters really want to do it at a restaurant, let them worry about the cost.  just let them all do it and show up w/ a smile. 
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    Under $10 is unlikely, but you can definitely cut costs.

    I helped throw a tea party themed shower last month for a friend. We did it in the backyard of a family friend, who has a lovely home and huge backyard. Each of the bridesmaids brought food, so we were all able to determine our own budgets. I baked scones, which really just use pantry staples like flour and sugar etc., so my biggest expense was the jams. (And the party of 30 didn't put much of a dent into the jars of jam either, so I've been having delicious breakfasts since!)  Others got party trays from Costco. When we put it all on the nice dishes, no one knows that you didn't spend much! And it was a great party!

    If that sounds like something you'd want, it would definitely be simple to save your sisters some money. But, like other posters have said, if they want to spend money on you, you can't really stop them! Just smile and enjoy it!
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I know they just want to do something nice, but wanting to save them money was my automatic reaction. haha! Consideration for other people's wallets is not a bad thing. =)
    Whatever they do, I know I'll be happy. So I'll just butt out and let them plan how they want.
    Thanks again! And happy planning to the rest of you!
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