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A Note About Talon Winery (kinda Long)

I just wanted to let you ladies who are looking into Talon Winery know about the issues that we are having with them right now.

     We booked the winery last year and at the meeting with Sharon we went over the contract and payed the deposit. My fiance and I read over every word of the contract because we wanted to make sure that we inderstood all of the requirements involved. 
     The contract says that half of the rental fee as well as the cleaning fee are both due at the signing of the contract. We were just getting the barn and since it is on a weekday the rental fee was 1000. She told we us we only needed to pay 500 when we signed the contract.  I specifically asked about the cleaning fee because we should have owed 800 that day, but she said that the cleaning fee was included in the 500.
    Now a week ago we got a bill for 800 dollars. It is 500 for the rental and now they are billing us for the cleaning fee. I called to ask about it and she said that we owe 800 and it didn't matter what the contract says because she likes to bill differently than the contract says. I mentioned that she told me it was included in the deposit and she said that she would never tell anyone that and she has no idea where we got that idea.  
     The extra money wouldn't have been a problem at the time we signed the contract because I would have planned it into my super strict budget, but now that she told us it was included in the deposit I don't have 300 to spend on it now. I won't have time to save that much before the wedding. 
    I am not sure where to go from here because she said there was nothing she would do to fix it and we don't have the money to pay the extra she is billing for now.  I have found another venue that is much cheaper but since Sharon refuses to help us I really don't think she will be willing to give our deposit back either, eventhough she is the one who broke their contract, not us. 
    I just wanted to give you ladies a heads up that they may change their billing on you as well so you may want to keep some extra money back to pay for it.
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Re: A Note About Talon Winery (kinda Long)

  • Birdie1483Birdie1483 member
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    I'm really sorry you're going through this. I don't think it's right she's trying to bill you differently than the contract. I don't think she can get away with that, but it would cost you more money to see a lawyer if it came to that point.

    I would suggest either asking her if she can return the deposit because of your issues. If that doesn't work, I'd hate for you to be out that $500. Even if the other venue is cheaper, it wouldn't be after losing that money.

    I'm never one to tell someone to get a credit card, but this might be a reasonable time to open a 0% financing card or something to charge the extra $300. If you find the right card, you'll be able to pay it off monthly without any interest.
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       I am unwilling to open a new credit card. I have one and I could technically put the balance on it, but we are also in the process of buying a house and since my savings is going to the wedding then some of the closing costs are going on the credit card. My score is really good right now and I don't want to open another account and bring it down right before I buy a house.
       The other thing is that the other venue will still be cheaper even if they keep our deposit, but I am too frustrated with the situation to pay them for telling us one thing and doing another.
         I have considered calling up a college friend that went to law school, but I will be disappointed if it has to go that far. I don't see why they are so unwilling to come to a settlement on it.

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