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Happy birthday to me!

I'm 27 today! 27 was always my 'scary age' because at 27, you're not mid-twenties anymore. It's late-twenties now. But I'm so happy being my age and getting ready to be married and having a very happy life!

FI is out of town for business this week....which really sucks. But he got me a spa day for my birthday so I can relax and get some pampering! Best gift ever!

Any of you have scary ages? What was your best gift ever?
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Re: Happy birthday to me!

  • Happy birthday!

    Turning 27 was a bit nerve-wracking for me but I quickly got over it b/c I knew I was "in" the year I was getting married.

    31 is my new scary age.
  • Happy Birthday! I turned 31 this year and for some reason, that really bothered me. Age 30 didn't bug me at all but 31? That means I am now really in my thirties and I feel old.

    Hope you have a great birthday and enjoy your day!

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  • Happy Birthday!!!!  Mine is August 18th!  I will be 33....not feeling anything scary or wierd about it tho.  35 might bother me a little, but no age has really got me feeling any particular way.  We were supposed to go on an adults only camp trip this weekend but wont be able to go now because of FI knee injury.  My MOH and his BM are still going camping without us.  Kinda bummed me out because its my birthday...and we really cant go and it was a trip for my birthday and now all of our friends are going anyway and that leaves me no one here to celebrate....so me and FI are going out alone...I'm just fine with thatUndecided
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    Happy Birthday...I don't guess birthdays or years bother me. I don't think 30 is old..I feel old sometimes from having seen babies born and now about to graduate high school. Stuff like THAT makes me feel old. Or working somewhere that someone who was a toddler when I first knew them works..well she quit but you get the idea..its not the number that makes me weird or feel old its other people! My MOH has been married almost 10 years!!!!!!!!!! Were only a year apart in age!
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    Umm not scary but I can't wrap my mind around I'm 27... I keep wanting to say 26... I don't FEEL 27. 

    Then again I have aniversaries of my 21st birthday... so I'm on my 6th anniversary.  Man it sounded better when it was 1st or 2nd...
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  • Happy Birthday!!!!
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    Happy birthday!

    I think my "scary age" is 35, because you're no longer in the marketing group for 18-34 year olds.  I'm coming up on 25 (next month), which just feels weird to me.  My baby sister (I can remember the day she was born!) turned 18 last week - THAT makes me feel old. 

  • Happy birthday! :) 27 was probably my favorite age yet. You'll love it!
  • Happy Birthday!

    I loved being 30, it was one of the most marked years of my life. I am 38, and don't think I have a scary age. I suppose I shall know it when I see it!
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  • Happy Birthday!!  Today is Fl's birthday too.  He said he agrees with you that 27 is scary.
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  • Happy Birthday!!

    I think that 35 is my newest scary age especially if I am not pregnant by then.  I think that I will feel old and I will probably start on the "I can never have kids" thing.

    I think that best girft ever was the 2 bouquets of flowers that FI sent me for my first birthday that we were together.
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  • 40 was the scary one for me, I don't know why. When I turned 30 my friend and I went to Jamaica so that helped. Last year when I turned 40 FI and I went to Maui (and got engaged) so it turned out not so bad. Happily I look about 27 so that makes it a lot better! I guess 50 will be my new scary age.
  • Happy Birthday! Wow, there's a lot of August b-days around here :) Yesterday was mine- turned 32. I'm glad it doesn't bother me now, but it probably will the closer I get to 40. Today is actually my niece's birthday, too!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
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  • Happy Birthday to the other August ladies and thanks everyone!

    I guess now that i'm 27 my next scary age is 34-35. That's the classic "losing your fertility" age. I know that's changing but it still sticks in my head
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  • Happy Birthday!

    My next scary age will be 35 especially, like cathy said, if I don't have kids by then.   I will be 31 at the end of this month and it doesn't seem possible to be this old:(
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