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Getting in Shape

Wednesday WW Accountability

Morning ladies!  

B: fiber one plus antioxidants berry crunch cereal (3); skim milk (1)
L: HG BBQ chicken slaw (3); ww yogurt (1); string cheese (2)
S: fiber one bar (2)
D: Probably subway tonight (10)
S: ????

Total: 22
Target: 26
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Re: Wednesday WW Accountability

  • so i didnt lose anything this week. but i expected that since im sick and eating comfort foods. i do however, have some good WW news.

    this time last year, i had to do a health assessment for work. they tested cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. well, my blood sugar was almost at the pre-diabetic range. thats when i really started to follow WW strictly.

    i just had my annual assessment this week. and my blood sugar is down 20 pts!!! so even though i havent lost much weight since this time last year, WW is definitely helping me become a healthier person :) which is the best.

    okay now onto food

    B: banana bread (3), grapes (1), coffee (1)
    L: garlic mashed potatos (3), pork (4)
    S: banana (2)
    D: tbd

    Total: 14
    Target: 26

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    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

    I love you, Daddy...2/24/1953 to 2/13/2011image
  • Way to go, Graceful! :-)

    B - coffee (0), 100-calorie fudge graham crackers (2), lite mcmuffin (2)
    S - peach (2)
    L - Lean cuisine chicken and vegetables (4)
    S - salsa and baked scoops (2), rf popcorn (1)
    D - Some kind of Lean Cuisine, since we're going to a Great Big Sea concert (6?)

    E - Biking to the concert, about 4 miles roundtrip.

    Total - 19
    Target - 24
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  • Congrats Graceful-that's fantastic!

    I have to admit, I'm a little in love with the food I"m eating today.  This is the kind of thing I needed to do to get back on track-cook really good, fantastic food that's healthy so I'm not feeling starved or denied anything.  And I get giant servings of everything.  yummy!

    B: Overnight oats (4.5)
    L: Roasted Garlic and Bacon Tomato Bisque (6)
    D: Roasted Butternut and Bacon Pasta (9.5)

    Total: 20
    Target: 21

    E: biking tonight?  not sure yet.
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  • Hi girls! Wow, it has been a VERY long time since I've been on here! But, I'm married!!!!!!! :-) And after an all inclusive honeymoon with too many buffet meals, I am in desperate need to start WW again!! I hope all of you are doing well!!

    B: cereal & ff milk (4)
    L: soup (2.5)
    D: tbd

  • Welcome back Lmark!  Good to "see" you!  Pictures?
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  • Welcome back lmark! I wondered where you went. :) PICTURES PLEASE!!!

    I have good news! My DH got the job at Borders and gets to start once his temp job ends in a few weeks! Also, I got offered more hours working at our smaller, secondary office! I'm up to 20 hours a week! Woo hoo!

    B: leftover tortilla free burrito (2), salsa (0), cheese (1), coffee w/ff creamer (1)
    S: 1 c baby carrots (0), 2 laughing cow cheese wedges (2), HG Caramel Apple Frappe (4)
    L: progresso light soup (2), turkey-apple salad w/raspberry vinaigarette (3)
    S: flatbread tortilla (1), chicken breast (1), lf mozerella (1)
    D: chicken (3), sweet chili sauce (1), broccoli w/cheese sauce side (0)

    E: P90X Cardio (AM - check), Ab Ripper, Shoulders & Arms

    Total: 22
    Target: 27
    WI: Saturday

  • welcome back, lisa!!! cant wait to see more pics!

    congrats on the job stuff for you and your DH, favorite!

    House Renovations
    Married Bio


    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

    I love you, Daddy...2/24/1953 to 2/13/2011image
  • Favorite-That's great!  I know that must be such a relief for you and your H.  Congrats!
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