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Even though we all LOVE our e-rings, was yours what you were expecting? Was the diamond bigger or smaller than you thought it would be? Would you change anything if you could?
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Re: TMI Tuesday

  • My engagement ring is exactly what I thought it would be because when my grandmother passed away 2 years ago the ring was left to me.  My FH used the diamond in the middle because they couldn't take out the side diamonds of her ring and placed it in an almost exact replica of her ring but in my size and in white gold!  I absolutely love it!!
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    This is my ring. I dont love the setting. The diamond is gorgeous. He got a high quality diamond, but the band is... meh. I don't like the grooves in the gold. I feel like it collects dirt and the diamond stands up to much. (if I'm wearing fitted jeans, I can't easily get my hand in my pocket as it stands up too much). First world problems, I know!

    Also finding a band that looked right with it was difficult because the setting tapers in at the diamond.
    I would have prefered something like.....
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  • My e-ring is more vintage-y looking that I thought I would want. That being said, I have fallen in love with it as time passes. He did a great job!
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  • I actually didn't expect something as nice as I got.  I picked out the setting, but my FI did the diamond all on his own.  It's the size I always wanted (1ct, I have small fingers so it looks larger and anything bigger would have been a pain for my lifestyle) but a much higher quality than I expected.  Go figure.

  • I love my ring!! I didn't really expect anything as nice as I got... or as big! The center stone is 1.5 ct and the side stones are another .5 ct. :)

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  • My FI definitely did better than I had anticipated.  Before we got engaged, I had told him to look on out of the UK for high quality simulated diamonds because I just couldn't forsee spending that much money on a piece of jewelry.  (Yes, I was selling myself short but in my heart of hearts I didn't really think it would ever happen if he had to save for a "real ring".) 

    Much to my surprise he had been saving.  And now I have a beautiful princess cut 1/2 carat ring with the most perfect flawless diamond I could hav ever dreamed of having.  And even months later I still stare at it with affection.  I love my ring because it's timeless. 
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  • I do love my ring (a 1.7c princess solitare) but if i could change anything I think I would like it to have either side stones or a halo.  I'm just having a hard time as to what to do for a band.
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  • Well... I never pictured a ring really because I NEVER thought I would want to get married!  But, once I met FI, I tried to find a ring I liked, but I couldn't find one.  I did describe to him what I wanted and he got exactly that!  It was a surprise because he really has never picked out jewelery that I liked.  I told him to get no more than a 1/2 to 3/4 ct since I didn't want anything that big or bulky... but the center stone is 1 ct and the surrounding stones and the stones on the band are .5 ct.  He even got a matching wedding band that is .25 ct, so I think he did VERY well and I LOVE IT!!! Even though it's larger than I expected, it isn't bulky at all since the band is so thin!

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  • Well I actually picked out my ring. I do love it but in the future I'd like to have something a little nicer :)
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    The actual one I made
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    I love my ring.  A lot.  I didn't give him too much direction, but he ended up picking out the perfect one.

  • I loved my ring for the symbolism, but at first I thought the center diamond was too small (.75 carat with another .5 worth lining either side and .25 in the front and back of the band - it's hard to explain, but the band is kind of 2 parts).  HOWEVER, when FI allowed me to try on the band with another glittering .5 diamonds going across, it all came together.  I'm a tiny person with tiny hands, and anything else would look ridiculous, especially some of the honkers I'd been dreaming of.  It didn't even look like I had a hand when I put one on lol!

    I also didn't like how high the setting sat at first, but I'm so used to it now that I unconsciously  move my hands in a way that doesn't snag everything anymore.
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  • I love my ring, because FI picked it out and did a ton of research/looking around before buying it.  He knows all about cut, clarity, color, and tried explaining it to me...but it all went over my head.  I didn't really care too much, I just didn't want anything too 'ornate'. Mine is a diamond solitaire, hearts & arrows cut, just over a carat.

     I really loved a ring in Tiffany's, a pink sapphire, but besides the fact it was $75K (we were only in there for fun, not for real) I wasn't sure if I would love a pink stone forever.  Maybe I will buy a pink stone for my right hand someday :)
  • I couldn't have picked it out better myself!

    ...maybe it was all the hints?  Regardless, he did a fabulous job.  I'd even go as far as saying the quality of the diamond blows me away.  You can really see a difference!

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  • I love my ring.  He spent hours at the jewelry store with his aunt helping him.  He found a beautiful 2/3 carat brilliant cut diamond with really good clarity.  (He surprised me when he told me how flawless it was!)  The halo around it sets off the diamond nicely and the size is right for my little hand, haha.  I wish there was pave going down the shanks of the band, but I think a pave wedding band will do nicely with my e-ring.  

    And I cannot wait to choose his wedding band!!
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  •  I picked my diamond and my setting, but when I was picking the setting i kind of misunderstood.  I picked a halo setting that was meant for a cushion/emerald cut...I have an oval diamond. So I thought (since they were making the ring for me) that they would make the setting for the shape of an oval diamond....they didnt

     So when I got the ring I immediately noticed there was space berween the halo and the diamond, because essentially they put something oval into the shape of a rectangle. IT DROVE ME NUTS. I HATED IT. its one of those things that no one else really noticed on their own, but i showed my mom and my best friend and they were both like, oh yeah, i see it now. 

     Fast forward a few months, one of the tiny diamonds fell out of the eternity band. I figured this was my chance to mention it to my fiance.  I felt horrible but I needed to say it.  The best part was he wasnt upset at all. He essentially said you're the one who picked it out, and I want you to be happy with it.  So I called the jeweler and explained the whole thing to him. And he agreed to  completely remake the ring for me, free of charge. I picked out a new design, with a twisting band, and halo setting.... 

      I love my new ring, and I'm so relieved that my fiance wasnt upset.
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    well i I always pictured mine to be a simple thin bad with a pricess cut diamond (tiffany classic!) and my fiance actually went all out lol mine kind of looks like Jennifer Aniston's when she was married to Brad Pitt.... I actually lost my first one :X and he hated me not having one on my finger so he went out and got me a bigger one haha I love it!!

    with wedding band

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  • my ring is much more than I expected! We were young parents, living on our own and in college at the time of proposal and just found out about our second DD. I was not expecting him to pop the question and I especially wasn't expecting a ring like that! Its a 3 stone setting  with the middle as the bigger and then has 4 smaller dimaonds on each side. The only thing I would change is take away the 4 smaller diamonds and have a plain band, but really Im not complaining! lol Its white gold but I have no idea how many carats or anything like that, and really that doesn't matter to me. My fiancé did good!:)
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  • I LOVE mine! Its exactly what I wanted! We had gone ring shopping so he knew what I wanted and got exactly what I asked for! Its very simple, 3 diamonds 1 larger one and 2 smaller next to it... all white gold... did not want gold gold so he got exactly what I requested! :
  • Shaun wanted to experience ring shopping with me, so we picked my official ring out together, and it's 100% what I have dreamed of -- and I also have the "place-holder" ring that he proposed with. Win/Win!
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  • I love my ring and honestly I had told FI a long time ago he didn't have to buy a ring at all... His mom made jewelry before she passed... He basically inherited all the jewelry stuff ... Stones, beads, findings... All of it ... I told him to go through it all and find something and just give me that ... He bought me a ring... It's white gold and has a small diamond... BUT I didn't want big at all so considering I didn't really think I was getting one at all he did amazing If I every get a surg tech job I won't be able to wear it at work so I didn't want him to spend a lot on it ... I love it though and the heart cut outs in the band make it unique in my opinion
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  • My FI surprised me with the proposal and with the ring. I had no idea he was going to propose, the thought hadnt even crossed my mind, he never wanted to discuss the future or marriage etc, so I never had a chance to hint about a ring either. The only thing I told him was that I didnt want a dimond that had a high setting, I wanted it embedded in the ring, it just goes better with my lifestyle. I love my ring too :) It is perfect and what astounds me is the amount of thought he put into it. He looked in several different countries for a ring, and in the end had one designed for me because he couldnt find any that were already made which were just right. It makes me feel even more special :)
  • My FI was blessed with the curse of not being able to buy a gift that I like. So he wanted me to pick out my ring so he'll be sure it was something I wanted. After he pop the question he showed me a picture of the ring he thought i would like and it was horrible. We laugh about it every time someone asks about the ring.
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  • I'd given my guy visual hints over the last couple of years, and wasn't expecting much in the way of carat count.  For me it was really about getting him, and not the ring.  I told him more than once he could've used my promise ring and just asked me with that.  

    I showed him because they have the installment plans, and I knew that he wanted to buy me something special, because that's just how he is.  He wanted me to have something special.  He started looking at the Princess Kate Replica's and I was fairly convinced I was getting a sapphire, which I was actually okay with, cause he was sort of calling me his Princess.   
    Then he proposed (after fully convincing me I was getting earrings as a Christmas Gift) and it was totally unexpected.  IT'S SO SPARKLY!  I was bummed that I'd have to send it in for sizing, and I won't get it back until the January 20th, thanks to the holidays, but I can't wait to wear it. He did great, and got a great deal

    .  It's sparkly, and different, but in a good way.  and at about 1/2 a carat, way more tcw than i expected. 
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