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Ideas for small thinking of yous???

Nick and I have decided that instead of giving out favors, we are going to make a donation to a fellow pit bull rescue. Nick and I have been rescuing pit bulls for the past 4 years and feel it is more our style than cheap wedding favors. In my experience they are usually turned into garbage.  we are going to make homemade dog cookies and put them in little brown paper doggie bags with a nice tag telling people a donation was made in their name to Mike's Dog House.  
We do want to have a little something as a thought for our guests. We were actually thinking of doing rock candy but would love some more ideas on the subject, since not everyone can have that. What do you think?

Re: Ideas for small thinking of yous???

  • Give the cookie.  Don't mention the charity.  I'm sorry but this is a total AW move that B&Gs do to show how generous they are.  If you really care about the charity and not showing off the donation, then donate the money without making mention of it.

    Also - unless you are planning on filling out paperwork in the name of every single guest (ie - one form multiplied by your number of guests), you are not making a donation in their name.  A charity donation is not a favor; don't pretend that it is.
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    Ditto tldh.  And I'll go one farther -- if you really want to donate to charity, take the money you would have spent on the dog biscuits, and add that to it.  I have absolutely no use for a dog biscuit, since I don't have a dog.  Just skip the favors, you don't need to tell anyone what you did with the money.
  • I def appreciate that opinions. We probably won't put it on them but we will still be having dog biscuits. Unlike you, almost everyone coming to our wedding has dogs and with that being a huge part of our lives it is important to us to have something for them (the dogs).  We are already disappointed that the dogs can't be a part of the festivities because of the location, so we definitely want to do the biscuits. 
  • BTW noone has actually answered my original quesiton...I need ideas for the people. The dog biscuits are def happening so no point in commenting on that. Any ideas on small favors for the people?
  • I think the bisquit is a nice idea, it's really a representation of who you are as a couple. And if no one has a dog they don't have to take the favor! I'm pretty sure the dog parents will pass by tables that didn't take theirs and swoop them up. 

    Fun and very creative, I really like it! 

  • I thought of another idea, you could also just make real cookies that people can eat in the shape of a dog! That might be cute. Just find a dog or bone shaped cookie cutter and then use good old fashioned sugar cookies. Yummy. 

  • OMg! I love that idea! I love baking and coincidentally I am the baker of our families so that would also represent us. We love cooking and baking together! Thank you!
  • BTW nick and I loved the cookies Cutesy! Great idea and he wants to do them.Thank you! We're gonna keep them round though. Sealed
  • i am confused. you want to make a donation instead of favors, but you are also giving favors? lol. i've been to many weddings where they do the donations and its great. there are just little notes on the table. for example, one table of 8 people might have a sheet of paper with the story - you and fi could have a story and picture of you two with a pitbull you saved? maybe do that and have a small plate of pitbull shaped cookies on the table beside the story, but not call them favors? i think that would make most sense! :)
  • That's kinda the idea. They aren't gonna be called favors but we still want something for the people to enjoy.  Instead of getting normal favors like personalized candles or other junk people will jsut throw away, we're gonna do this. Not true favors...just "thinking of yous". 
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