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Leu Gardens,Womans Club of Winter Park

Anyone have any experience or know someone who had their wedding here??Cant decide

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    I've had a friend who had their reception at the Winter Park Womens Club. It was nice, as I remember they have a stage and all - so I would suggest finding a good live band instead of a DJ. They used their own caters and paid a company to serve liquor that they had purchased - so they saved a bunch of money that way. They also have a nice patio there for people that want to go outside. It is not a fancy place, but for the wedding I went to - they put some of the money they saved into a band, having drinks all night and really good catered food. This made the wedding receptionon of the funnest I have been to. A DIYer can do a lot some with a fraction of what some people spend - 2K on a venue, $80/meal, and $17/hour on drinks. Never been to a wedding at Leu Gardens-heard it is beautiful and very reasonable to rent out. -Sonia http://orlandoweddingalterations.com
  • Leu Gardens is a beautiful place for a wedding. I'm a wedding photographer and we've shot a couple of wedding there. My personal experience was that the venue was beautiful, especially in the rose garden, however the staff didn't help much with the set up/take down of any of the decorations or chairs, and they are VERY strict with the allotted time for each location.
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