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Keeping up a strapless wedding dress

I absolutely love my wedding dress but the only problem is that I bought it as a halter and was told that I could remove the strap to make it strapless (which was what I wanted).  We removed the hatler strap, added boning into the sides of the bodice and took it in as much as possible to the point where I can just barely breath!  When I went for my fitting as I moved around it started to slide down. My wedding is outside in July so I'm afraid once it starts sliding down it'll be too hot and sticky to be able to pull it back up.

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the dress up? I've heard about the fashion tape but I'm not sure how good it'll work.  My only other option would be to get a "reception dress" which I really don't want to do because I love my dress. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Keeping up a strapless wedding dress

  • Did you wear anything underneath? Often the fabric of a bustier or bra will add some friction and keep it from sliding.
  • are you against adding spaghetti straps?
    They must make double sided tape for beauty pagents.
  • I would have a a corset or some kind of long bra sewn into the dress. A corset or long bra is made to stay put and if the dress is sewn to it I don't think it will go anywhere.
  • I had to use fashion tape because my seamstress sucked.  It was a little awkward to have them put on and the fit wasn't 100% perfect (again, due to seamstress issues) but the dress stayed up after we put on several pieces around the top.  I used the one that comes in pre-cut strips from David's Bridal.
  • I have used double-sided tape before for dresses...I think I got it from VS.  It worked fine.
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  • i also vote for either adding a corset or double sided tape.  I had a corset, and I had my girls tighten it once, before the ceremony (after pictures), and it didn't move an inch the rest of the night. 
  • The key to keeping a strapless dress up is in the waist!  the rib area does not have to be tight unless you need major bustline support.  If the waist line is snug enough the gown will not slide down. Some gowns have an interior waist band that is velcro or adjustable for this reason.  Your seamstress should be able to guide you. 
  • Long line bra or corset, definitely! Then sew it together.
  • I used toupee tape (I purchased it at a beauty supply store) and it kept my strapless bridesmaid dress up all night without having to worry about anytihng.  I didn't think it would work either, but it did the job and kept my dress up all night long!
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  • I second the toupee tape.  It kept up many, many a prom dress of mine with no slips or problems.  Hopefully it works for you!
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