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Iowa-Des Moines

Wrote my BM survival kit poem!

I know there are a lot and I kinda combined them all but personalized them to my own BMs.  Let me know what you think or if its too long?

This Survival Kit was made just to say,

I'm thrilled you're beside me on my wedding day!


I've put everything in this handy pack,

So you'll know that this bride has got your back!


There’s lotion to keep your hands from getting dry,

And a packet of tissues in case you should cry.


Since I know Jessica will not do her toes,

A nail file and clipper has surely been enclosed. (Jess had a HORRIBLE pedicure experience and will never get her toes done again!)


If you spill on your dress there’s a Tide stain pen.

Also mouthwash for if you meet a cute groomsmen.


There’s only IB Prophen for pain, because I know you might drink a tad.

And Emily has taught me, that other meds with alcohol are bad. (Emily's a nurse)


If excitement gets too much, there’s Tums just in case.

For Casey there’s hairspray if your bangs are out of place. (Completely freaks out if her bangs look "weird")


Band-Aids for if your shoes aren’t feeling okay,

Or you can just take them off and dance the night away!


There’s deodorant included to keep your armpits dry,

And tampons for if your monthly visitor stops by.


Now specifically for Julie, I’ve added a rubber love glove.

‘Cause a cruise while being pregnant, I know you would not love. (Her and her husband are taking a cruise in Jan)


There’s much more to find when you look inside,

When it comes to my friends, I will surely provide.


This kit was created so that you can see,

How much you truly mean to the bride-to-be.



Re: Wrote my BM survival kit poem!

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