Monterey Restaurant

Can anyone suggest some good restaurants in Monterey that are good and not overly tourist, average budget; nothing crazy pricey.


Re: Monterey Restaurant

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    Fandango's in Pacific Grove (about 5 minutes from downtown Monterey) is a locals spot. The prices are pretty decent. My favorite is always Fisherman's Grotto at the wharf. It's a tourist spot, but they have good prices and always treat you like family. (That's where we're having our rehersal dinner). Those are my 2 faves, but there are endless options in this's mostly restaraunts, lol. If you like sushi, try Crystal Fish. It's small and the parking isn't great, but the food is awesome and so are the prices. I'd also reccommend The C at the Clement hotel is you're looking for something a little more formal...the prices are a little high, but the food is definately worth it, not to mention the view :o)
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