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Iowa-Des Moines

Who are you using for your DJ?

I was originally going to use a family member to DJ for us, he has done all my cousins weddings and others too.  But, I have changed my mind.  Imagine that!  lol  Don't get me wrong, I love my family member to pieces; but, I don't love his style of DJing.

So, who are you using?  Why did you choose them?  What are their prices?

Thank you, ladies!

Re: Who are you using for your DJ?

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    We aren't  doing a DJ, we are using a band.  FreeStyle is the groups name and they are $1600 I think for 3 hours of play time.  I know they cost way more than a DJ, but honestly they fit our crowd better.  I like to listen to music but FI and I aren't really the dancing type.  Also, I have been to weddings with DJ's and felt like I just came out of a rock concert when I left.  We didn't want our guests to feel that way.  Plus, I didn't want my grandparents to have a heartattack if the DJ accidentally played the thong some or some crazy thing like that.  In the end, that was a splurge for us. 
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    We are using Musical Edge, They have been great so far! Also their website for users lets you put everything you want online, and 2 weeks before the DJ you get will contact you to go though everything.

    Very professional.
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    Where are you at in Iowa?
    We're using the DJ from a radio station in Oskaloosa.
    I would look into Radio stations, ours is 375 for 6 hours, I really don't think price wise you can get much better than that for a DJ!

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    We're using Ultimate Entertainment.  I think they're based in Cedar Falls but coming here (Iowa City) wasn't a problem for them, and they're not charging travel costs.  I found a lot of positive reviews of them on other wedding websites and so far they've been very friendly and professional.  Their pricing is $100/hour plus $95, so four hours is $495, five hours is $595, et cetera.  And we are allowed to change the start and stop times (and duration) up until I think 30 days before our wedding date.

    They apparently have an online planning tool where you can input all your information and must-play and do-not-play songs et cetera.  Also what I thought was cool was they have a way for guests to log on and request specific songs as well.

    Here's their website: http://www.ultimateentertainment.cc/
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    We are using Liquid Digital Entertainment. DJ Mike is great to work with. He isn't a full-time DJ, so, as he put it, isn't in it for the money, it's just what he enjoys doing and can therefore keep his prices low. I belive he charges $125 an hour and he will give you a planner where you can tell him how you want the event to go, if you want him to be your mc, what to play and want not to play (regardless if someone requests it), and all of the uplighting, effects, etc. are included in his price. His wife is also the Cakesmith--so if you're looking for cake too, you can meet with them both and kill two birds with one stone! Good Luck!
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    We are probably using Steves Mobile Music.  They have 8 DJs so there is someone who can always sub if an emergency comes up.  He also has a very nice photobooth, uplighting, and other effects if we want it.

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    We are using Ultimate Entertainment as well and they are great! I asked a lot of foreign music, and they were able to find most of them. So far, so good! I may use them to my ceremony if I don't find any other way like a string quartet.
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    We're also using Ultimate Entertainment and my wedding's in Ames, they just added a new part of their business in Des Moines. We're doing the 5 hours for $595. We saw them at a friend's wedding and they were soo good at getting the crowd involved and were a lot of fun! That's something that's really important to us. They also have an online planning program where you plan all of your reception and music online whenever you want to. 
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