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Buyers Remorse on my dress????

Hey all! I'm new to this board, and I HAD to vent my insanity with other brides because I know you must feel the same sometimes!

I haven't seen the dress I picked out for 6 months, it should be in soon, but I'm having anxiety about it and thinking I made the wrong choice!!! the first dress I tried on I LOVED but it was a lot of money for me, so I found one I did like for alot less. But last night I was watching "I found the gown" on TLC and this girl bought my dream dress I had on at first and I was like OMG I STILL LOVE THAT DRESS!!! So now I'm panicking...I want to try that one on again, I know I shouldn't mess with this until I get my gown in, but I'm freaking!!!!

the one I love is the Maggie Sottero Saige Dress, I'm getting married in a barn sort of and it would look soooo pretty. :)

OK thats all...anyone who has had a dress freak out let me know how you handled it


Re: Buyers Remorse on my dress????

  • I feel like I have buyers remorse every other day!! I think this is COMPLETELY normal for brides. Lets face it, there are a LOT of beautiful gowns out there. Thank god or we'd be confined to finding dresses in one shop and one location! Did you take any pictures of yourself in the dress you purchased? Looking at myself in my dress makes me feel better, and I like to look at other brides who have purchased the same dress. As soon as I do that I go "okay YES, I love this dress!!". Really the problem is all this time you have to wait and overanalyze because the dress is such a big deal. Don't worry though--you wouldn't have bought that dress on an impulse. Even if it wasn't your *DREAM* dress, you bought it because you loved it! And you'll get those same feelings when you try it on again. I promise!

  • I was starting to feel that way. It's been 6 months since I ordered my dress and the place wouldnt let me take pictures so I was starting to forget what it looked like on me. I picked it up Friday and all the doubts i was having left the moment I saw it. I LOVE it and I know you will too!
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  • I had the remorse almost immediately after buying my dress!!  I thought OMG I found it way too fast and maybe I should have kept looking to find something better.

    BUT I just keep trying to remind myself that I loved how I FELT in the dress when I had it on.  I won't get to see my dress until after Christmas either - which does not help the anxiety haha.
  • I went through it and even when I went to the store to pick it up while waiting I was pointing at dresses that I wanted to try on b/c they looked "better" than my dress but once I put my dress on I was once again blown away and was reminded as to why this dress was THE ONE!  You picked the dress for a reason, even though your so called dream dress what out of your budget, the dress you got was probably more you anyway!  Try not to trip out (easier said than done), once you are in it again you will LOVE it!

    By the way, I googled your dress and it is absolutely gorgeous! I don't know why but I think it's perfect for a barn wedding!
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  • I am going through the same thing! I tried my dress on after 7 months and I just felt like I didn't have that same love I did with another dress, but then I tried it on again and I fell in love with it! Trust us it's just the normal jitters of having perfection!! I do love my dress and I won't see myself without it! I even took pictures this last time to remind me of what it looks like!! Don't freak out it's okay!! And keep venting away!!
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