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The White Room - St. Augustine

Hi ladies!

I have an appointment on Sunday to tour The White Room in St. Augustine. I'm on a pretty tight budget and am worried this may go above. Has anyone gotten married there or have general pricing? It's such a beautiful venue and I'm worried that I'm going to fall in love with it and not be able to afford it.

Thank you!
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Re: The White Room - St. Augustine

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    I am getting married there March 2, 2012....just booked it last week =) The general pricing per person is not bad for food, but the alcohol is pricey.  The food and bev minimums for March are 8k on Friday, and 14k on Sat!  I think it is only $6k for a Sunday, but don't quote me on that one.  So it really depends on how many people you are having if the food and bev minimum is reasonable.  We are doing a Friday since it is so much cheaper.  The prices are a little lower in February, I think 6k for Fri, 12k for Sat and maybe 5k for Sunday.  Those are the only months I know b/c those are all we considered.  Good luck!  I hope it works out for you =)

    **Just an fyi....make sure you find out if there are any events going on during your weekend.  We changed ours from the 16th to the 2nd b/c we found out it is Dayton Bike Week and St. Augustine gets crowded!
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    Thanks for the info! We were thinking March 24, 2012. But with those prices, maybe switch it to a Friday or Sunday.
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    Ditto above. We are getting married at The White Room in October, and have those same minimums (we went with $8K on a Friday evening for the savings)

    They are pretty great, I'm working with Courtney and I love her! The nice thing about them is they have all their menu and alcohol pricing online, so we did a little budget figuring before we toured to make sure we could afford it! Once we talked, my numbers matched up perfectly with theirs, so we weren't surprised about costs at all.
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    What about the catering ? Anyone seen any pictures or have any reviews they would like to share? You notice none of their marketing materials incorporate visuals of the F&B ? I cannot make it into town for their next scheduled tasting early November, actually we don't live in Florida anymore and they want me to pay $100 P/person for a private tasting of what the kitchen is preparing at the time of our appointment? Unreasonable ? Tell us what you think ?

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    I will be there for my tasting on Nov 7th and report back!

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    So, I went to the tasting today.   It was very nice.  The food was good, and assuming that the portion sizes they gave us are what they serve on our wedding day, I think our guests will have plenty of food.  If you want more info on exactly what we tried, just send me an email at [email protected]  
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