Athens State College Alabama

Has anyone had their wedding at Athens College? If so, how was it? Was it worth it?

Re: Athens State College Alabama

  • I've seen some pictures, but never been. The pics looked ok. To me, the pics were prettier than the mansion in North Athens. (I can't remember the name)
  • I've been to a wedding there. I think it's very pretty outside where they usually set up the ceremony. The reception I went to was a little cramped..they had it in the courtyard area. I don't know if it's "worth it" because I have no idea what it costs!
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  • I work there, my sister was married there, and I was married there. My sister was married upstairs in the chapel (not available any longer) of Founders and I was married out front on Founders Green. Both were beautiful ceremonies and very affordable. We had our receptions inside of Foudners in the parlor. If you are having a large reception I would recommend booking the Ballroom of the Student Center (recently renovated). We just hired new Caterers: Limestone Bay Company will now be providing our Food Services. Their food is delicious! Hope this helps!!! I'm sorry, I don't know the cost of facilities rental any longer.
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