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Rhode Island

Sprinkles now Cake Boutique

I went to a Bat Mitzvah this weekend and I guess there was supposed to be this big cupcake stand thing and some smaller zebra cakes from Sprinkles.  The lasy called at 2:30 the day of to say her ovens broke.  I would think you would cook these before a couple of hours before they should be there!!!!  Just wanted to warn you all!!!

Re: Sprinkles now Cake Boutique

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    Thanks for letting us know - I was going to look at that cake shop!
  • dcimorellidcimorelli member
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    Hello...we are The Bakery Boutique formerly...Sprinkles Fine Desserts.  Yes, we did have a problem on Saturday 11/21/09 with our oven.  The issue began around 11:00am in the morning, not 2:30pm.  I know sometimes stories get convoluted along the way and in this case I felt it was important to make clear what had happened.  We were baking all morning and when the batch when in at 11am it did not bake.  We then called in our service technician and they were at our shop within the hour.  It is unfortunate that we were not able to supply the desserts to the event that was mentioned but there were also other orders that were affected as well.  Believe me, as a business owner this is your worst nightmare and not something that was done intentionally.  So, before we get blamed for "not coming through..." I thought it was in our best interest to explain what had happened.  We hope we do not ever have this issue again...but unfortunately we as a bakery are at the mercy of our ovens and mixers...we again are truly sorry for any and all inconveniences that this did cause.  We did send out all payment that was received for deposits as well as gift certificates for future use as well.  Thank you for listening...Deana Cimorelli, owner of The Bakery Boutique.

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    I would still think for one of the zebra cakes you would bake it the night before....  I am assming it had fondant if it was a zebra cake.  Oh, and saying that other orders were affected as well, doesn't make us brides feel any better.  I can't imagine getting a call at 2:30 the da of saying opps, sorry the ovens broke, no wedding cake for you!!  I would think you would have outsourced to your competition.
  • sg123sg123 member
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    The really really ironic thing about this post is this...

    elecia, the first person who started all this cake drama is a calligrapher, who was reccomended by someone else.  I just remember the email address.  So, why on earth would one vendor want to start issues with another vendor?  You would think that they would want to help each other out.  Pretty shady if you ask me!

  • solynyksolynyk member
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    I did a tasting with Sprinkles and was disappointed. The cake was mediocre, and the baker was expecting and due on my wedding day! She assured me that they just hired a new "kid" from JWU that would fill in.

    But for $900, I'm not having a kid do my cake! She also took quite a  long time getting back to me on a revised cake estimate, and by that time I had already booked with Sweet Sophistications.

    Deanna was very personable and easy to talk to. I LOVED the design she created for me. If I were doing cupcakes, she would be my first pick.
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    Well i am using them for my wedding and i am very happy with her so far...she has been super nice and answers all questions i have either on the phone or through email. Sometimes stuff happens....i really dont understand why someone would start things?? Its weired!!
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    I am the origianl poster of this thread. I don't know why it matters at all that I happen to be a calligrapher???  I was at this Bat Mitzvah as a guest, not the calligrapher.  It was actauly my Mom who planned it and just so you know my Mom did get the check in the mail refunding her money for the non-delivery of cakes/cupcakes.  She did not however receive any gift certificates like the owner claims...
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