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How cold is too cold?

We are planning an October 16th wedding in Wisconsin.  The ceremony is going to be outdoors and 20-30 minutes long.  If the weather hits the average of 63 I think it will be perfect...  we're just wondering where others would draw the line for too cold to be outside?  Last year on the 16th it snowed, obviously that was a little too cold :)

We do have an indoor space and can make the judgement call up to 2 hours before the ceremony.  Most of our guests are from MN, WI, MI, and MA... so they should be a little hearty! 
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Re: How cold is too cold?

  • I think if you really dream of an outdoor ceremony you should go for it and just have a plan B with the indoor space. So if it really gets to cold you can make the cal the day off.
    Maybe you can also word in your invitation that it is going to be an outdoor ceremony so the guests can dress accordingly.

  • I was married last year on October 10 in Northern Ohio.  The highs for the day were in the mid 50s.  This wasn't a problem for us or our guests.  Our guests dressed accordingly with jackets.  The GM were happy to not be sweating in black tuxes.  I was not cold, or if I was, I had too much on my mind to notice.  My ladies were a little cold at times.  Maybe your girls can have a wrap of some sort that they can wear should they want to.

    I do think that this will likely work for you.  However, I would suggest going into with the attitude that you will not be disappointed if you need to move inside.  Definitely have your ceremony inside if it is snowing.

    Is your back up location close to where you are planning to have the ceremony?  If it is slightly cooler than you desire, maybe you can serve guests hot chocolate and coffee in your warm back up location while they are waiting for the ceremony to start.  Then everyone can move outside for the ceremony and not be out there too long.
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  • Thanks!  I got wraps for both me and the girls and our website does let guests know that we are expecting to be outsie and to bring a jacket.  I like the idea of having hot chocolate...  I'll have to see if it is in the budget.  Glad to know that mid-50s was OK.. 
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  • If it's during the day when the sun is out, it would be great I think.  I love fall weather and would dress accordingly.
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  • Fred13Fred13 member
    I think you're defintely on the right track of thinking. You have a back up plan, and you know that these are people who might be comfortable wearing shorts in winter. As a precaution though (especially for the old or faint of heart), provide wraps or shawls for the guests to use while they either wait or enjoy the ceremony. I've seen this done before. Basically, baskets filled with lap blankets or shawls were placed toward the back of the seating, in plain sight for guests to grab up if they needed.
  • Can you rent standing heaters if it is too cold?

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