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I just need to vent and mildly ask for advice...

I know I'm probably just overreacting, but...

We hired our photographer a few months ago. Loved her.
We got into a contract with her right before her prices went up, and right before she switched her studio from location A to location B.

Long story short:
We *talked* about having out E session in September at a unique location at one of our initial meetings. Nothing was set in stone, but that was the impression we were given.
I Email her to find out when we can schedule our appt because we want to consider using the pics for the STDs (which we'd send in Sept) and wedding website...
Her "sales manager" writes back and says that not only are we unable to do a session in September (only in October), but we have 4 pre-selected locations to choose from and we're basically going to be shuffled around between several other appts that day within a 1 1/2 hour time frame... AND, she gave me a (what I interpret) passive agressive comment saying that we'll get the pics in time for the "standard" 6 mo. mark for STDs.

Um.. what?
First of all, who the heck are you to tell me when I can send out my STDs? Pretty sure I get to determine what my situation calls for, and my situation calls for me sending them out 10 mos. in advance.
Secondly, I'm paying $4,000+ to feel like a cash cow? Waiting in line for "my turn" with the photog, and HEAVEN FORBID our appt run late because there are others waiting after us? Ew. I expect to be treated with a little more respect for the price I'm paying...
Finally, why the heck are we unable to choose when is convenient for US and where WE'D like to take pictures?

My mind is just blown right now.
I'm fighting being pissed off and saying something, and being mature and trying to handle this diplomatically.

So, July brides, WWYD?
Am I crazy for being extremely irritated?
Please tell me this isn't really a big deal and I just need to calm down...
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Re: I just need to vent and mildly ask for advice...

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    Personally, that time frame sucks. Did you ask why they work that way? Id tell her you have family across country and are planning to do the STDs much sooner. 4K is A LOT to pay for a photographer..unless its a weekend getaway with meals and drinks lol If it were me, Id look elsewhere for someone that can accommodate ME, not her schedule.
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  • How much of a deposit did you put down? I might look into another photographer. All of the photographers I've had to do with were much more personalable - and you feel like you know them & can be friends with them. You have to feel comfortable around this person on your wedding day, enough that the photos dont come out rigid and too posey. 

    If she is treating you like one of many (which you would be for other photographers, they just dont let on) and that you are an inconvenience, I wouldnt want to work with this photographer on my wedding day. 

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  • Have you put down a deposit yet?  

    I would try one more time.  Bring up what you had talked about during your initial meeting.  I would not be interested in what you mentioned for an e-esseion.

    I have considered doing a session like you were mentioning for a boudoir,  but that's because one of our local photographers & MUA's rent a hotel room and offer them a few times a year at a discounted rate.  There's no way I would find that acceptable as a part of  a package that was going to cost me 5 grand.
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  • Yes, I've already put down a deposit -- %50 (so roughly 2 grand...)
    So I'm  not really ecstatic about the idea of throwing away two thousand dollars for literally NOTHING.

    When we met the photog, we loved her. We definitely had that feeling of we could all be best friends AND her photos were stunning. Plus, for what we got, we felt that it was a fair deal.

    I'm just so turned off right now.
    I'm hoping with all my heart that these issues are just because of the "manager" and maybe I can deal with the photog directly instead...
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