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David Tutera looking for Unique brides

Hello - 
I am getting married this April and am a Casting Producer for WE TV's My Fair Wedding. We are currently looking for LA based brides who want David Tutera to help make their dream weddings come true. Please feel free to email or call me if you have questions. 

WE tv's hit series MY FAIR WEDDING is now seeking brides who are getting married in the LA area in April, May or June 2012 and need a little help making their dream weddings a reality.

This season, we're looking for brides with UNIQUE wedding ideas -- ideas so unique that the groom, family, friends or bridal party may not be completely convinced that it's a good idea. If you are that bride (or that groom, family member or friend), then we want to hear from YOU! David Tutera can take any unique idea and turn it into the perfect wedding event for EVERYONE. 

Thank you 

Jacqueline Shakta

Re: David Tutera looking for Unique brides

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    Hello, I am a 46 year old women getting married for the first time thru the church to my soul mate, I was divorce previously, and never had a wedding before. My wedding is on July 21 in Celebration, Florida, two miles from Disney world, I  am currently leaving in Staten Island. This by far has been the most difficult thing to put together, my fiance has been great helping out, he found the venus.  Since he  is an accountant/musician, he plays the viola, violin and guitar, and is just a wonderful man, I would like my wedding theme to be music, but I have no idea on how to but this toghether, can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me. 

    Thank you;

    Lisa Feliciano
    [email protected]
    12 Debbie St, Unit B
    Staten, Island, NY  10314
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    I am recently deployed single mom.  I have been in the military for almost fourteen years.  I have raised my son alone for all those years.  In 2009 while in college I met me fiance while having some hard times.  I have been so stressed to the point of not eating myself close to death. I have had an emergency surgery for a ruptured fallopian tube from a miscarriage and almost died. The doctor stated if I would have waited I would have died within 24-48hrs.  I watch My Fair Weddings and other wedding shows every weekend and can say that Mr Tutera has amazed me with the things he has been able to come up with.  My love has stuck with me through homelessness, mild eating disorder, post truamatic stress syndrome, and a fatal miscarriage.  I thank God everyday for sending me someone like this in my life.  He even moved to a new state to be with me leaving his job behind. 

    If you can provide any assistance and direction I would appreciate all  your guidance.  I can be reached at [email protected] I am deployed now so I can not be reached by phone but he can be reached at 601-341-3727. His name is Mr. CobbSurprised Our mailing address is 4911 Abston Street El Paso, TX 79906.

  • Hello David,  I am a women who left my family, friends, packed up everything I had and moved across the united States to be with my soul mate. Ever since I was little...I have been dreaming of the day I would finally walk down the aisle. I watched all my co-workers and friends get married and I just kept getting older thinking when am I going to find my prince charming, no one seemed to be the one. It seemed everyone I dated I and my parents compared to My One True Love from high school. Now 19 yrs. later I found him again...It was like we never stopped dating. He stated to me that I was always on his mind and wonder where I was and what I was doing. Now 2 yrs. later I am going to get married to my soul mate. My wedding is on April 20, 2013 in San Antonio,on the Riverwalk, I wanted to have the wedding where all my family was and so my grandmother who can attend...she has been waiting for the time till she can see walk down the aisle.  I am currently living in North Carolina. This by far has been the most difficult thing to put together, being so far away, not having enough money and my fiance is in the Air Force.  Since he and I love the Phantom of the Opera we are having a themed wedding in which I want to surprise him...trying to make my dream and what I envision to come to life is so difficult....I so need some help. What I want to do and what is realistic w/ the budget I have is so difficult....I also want my friend to sing the theme song for Phantom of the Opera and I would also love to sing my my husband to me, which is very nerve recking for me. I have been waiting 34 yrs. to get married and I so want to make this spectacular. I desperately need your help in making my dream a reality and putting everything together. PLEASE HELP!

    Thank you;

    Jennifer O'Rourke
    105 Halston Dr.
    Goldsboro, NC 27863
    [email protected]

  • Hi David, I am a bride that is looking for HELP!  I met my fiance a year ago while he was on vacation. I am cuban currently leaving in Miami, my fiance is French. We met on the beach and I have to say it was destiny!! From them moment we laid eyes on each other it was magical.
    We are getting marry in Miami however I would love to be able to incorporate CUBAN/FRENCH/ MIAMI style into our wedding theme. His family is traveling from France for the wedding I WOULD REALLY REALLY LOVE to have you as my guide!!! I l LOVE your SHOW!!  I



  • hi David,

    I'm Adriana Flores. I'm 29 years old and I've been with my fiance  for eight years.  We have four children togehter, two girls and two boys. I met the love of my life in high school. After  we graduated, my fiance left to Houston, and I stayed here in San Antonio to help take care of my dad.  He became ill with seizures and was unable to work.   Therefore, I helped my mom and dad with the bills. I also helped raise my sister. In January of 2005 my fiance and I reunited. In March of 2006, I found out I was expecting. As time went by our family grew from one to four beautiful children and with all the financial struggles over the years,  it has been hard to fulfill our dream wedding.  My one wish is to marry the love of my life with your help.  and to continue our life together.   Thanks Adriana Flores 210 374-6662
    hope i here from you soon !!!
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    My fiance and I met in a not so traditional way. We met on the game called World of Warcraft. Not many people heard of a World of Warcraft (WoW)  wedding. That is our dream. We wish to have a WoW wedding. We would love for David Tutera to make our dream come true. We have been struggling with our wedding ever since the beggining. We had someone who was paying for our wedding as a gift to us, but they decided to change their mind mid through our planning and tell us they will no longer pay for our wedding. We are already struggling with financials and this just topped everything off. I am already about to give up on everything; but one last bit of hope came to me and im praying my miracle happens.

    Thank you so much!

    Karen swanson
    443 214 9812
    7854 Bruton DR apt J Glen Burnie MD 21060
    Wedding date: June 2nd 2013
    Location: Annapolis MD
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