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wedding start time in indiana...

hi! thanks for reading! :)

i'm having trouble with our wedding start time. we're having an outdoor wedding at a state park in indiana. our ceremony is to be outside, and the reception will immediately follow in the building adjacent to the ceremony location. the ceremony is going to be in a clearing, where trees surround the entire venue.

i'm trying to figure out the best time to start our wedding. i've talked to our photographers, and they said they can work with anything, and they really didn't have a preference. i'd like it to be evening-ish when we have our ceremony. i want the light to be soft and not harsh, coming through the trees.

the sun is supposed to set at 7:10 that day. should we have our quick ceremony start at 4:30? 5? or 5:30?

any thoughts from brides who have had an outdoor evening-ish wedding would be greatly appreciated! and anyone who has two cents would also be welcome. :)

thank you so much!
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Re: wedding start time in indiana...

  • We got married in northern Indiana on August 30th in an outdoor ceremony and we did 6pm.  That way guests were inside at the cocktail hour by 6:30 and we still had pretty light to finish pictures.  Since your wedding is in October,  you might want to start a little earlier.  I would suggest 4:30 or 5:00.
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  • Our ceremony was also held outdoors in a park.  We were married on October 10th in Northwest Ohio.  Our ceremony started at 4:30.  I'm not entirely sure, but I think there may be an hour time difference between OH and IN.  I really felt like that was a good time or else the sun would have been lower and in everyone's eyes.

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    having your wedding on a even number, such as 4 (4:30 would work too), is suppose to bring you good luck. We are having our wedding outdoors at 2, so that we can have a party after as long as we can, though our site closes at 8. due to being a public park.
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    We started our outdoor ceremony at 5:30pm.
  • I live in Ohio..we're having our wedding at 4:30..reception at around 5.
  • In photography there is a term called the golden hour. It's the hour before sunset where everything is magical and soft. Eveyroen looks beatiful in it. Get some pictures then.

    The thing you don't want to do is have direct strong light overhead, or something where the sun is so low that it blinds everyone trying to look into it. It's more of a problem if you have a beach or more open space, but keep it in mind.

    Also, you don't want your guests to freeze, so plan for that.
  • Me and my fiancee are having our wedding outside and it will be starting the ceremony at 4:30 pm and our reception will be starting at 6:30 pm.
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