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Imagine that in upland

Has any one done or been to a wedding there?  Their prices are PERFECT for my budget, but its hard to tell with the pictures.  My mother went there for a wedding once and said it was bad, but she didn't like the bride, so I kinda discount what she said.Really, I am looking for pictures to prequalify before I go out there.  Any one pics or advice?

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    Thanks all!  I actually saw them this weekend at a bridal show, so I am just going to go down there this month and check it out.  I'll let you know if its too cheesy!  Man, the prices are SO cheap!  Its EXACTLY in our budget.
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    While I've never been there, I did go to their website when I was looking for venues. It looked a little cheesy to me, but maybe with the lights turned down and some candles, the place could really look nice.
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